Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Daily analyst
Low initial deposit
Islamic accounts
Bonus for replenishment
Telephone trading
Affiliate program
Wide selection of trading instruments
Promotions and bonuses for account replenishment+3
Execution of orders by 0.05 seconds+3
Fast output without commissions+2
None regulators that control broker activities+8
  • The year of Foundation 2004
  • Head office address PO Box 1825,Cedar Hill Crest, Villa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. Deposit $0
  • Regulation КРОУФР, SVGFSA
  • Trading platform MT4
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Chine UnionPay, Альфа-клик, FasaPay, QIWI, Оплата наличными, NETELLER, Касса24, OKPAY, Система W1, Интернет-банк Промсвязьбанк, Сбербанк ОнЛ@йн, Mobile phone, Приват24, Contact
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Chine UnionPay, FasaPay, QIWI, NETELLER, OKPAY
  • Number of trading instruments 48
  • The number of CFD instruments 76
  • The number of metals 7
  • ECN
  • Market Pro
  • Classic
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Positive feedback from vashenk Translated automatically
For me almost all the bonus shares of the company interesting. But it is especially advantageous to obtain the rebate. Listed each week, without delay. In the end, the depot is growing well.
Positive feedback from Trever Translated automatically
Constantly make use of them when people are given an additional bonus, the third Deposit. But recently they have been when they added 101%. Now we have significantly grown the Deposit, which consequently reduces the risks for each output. The trading result for the past 3 months were more than 20%, part of the profit in the amount of 700 dollars brought yesterday, no problem.
Positive feedback from maksim Translated automatically
Very profitable to trade in this broker, if you make a Deposit and get bonus 101%. The bonus involved in the trade and drawdown, so that trading comfortable and profitable work.
Positive feedback from Ксения Translated automatically
I really like the contests that are Fresh out. This will take part. Good that the winners can be as many as twenty people, more likely to be among the winners!
Positive feedback from Karsen Translated automatically
The main advantage of Forex is in its openness and ease of start for most traders. And most importantly, the availability of Forex does not mean his limitations. Just look how many promotional offers to its traders does the broker think, to be sure.
Positive feedback from retyakov Translated automatically
Trade here for several years. It seems so far no complaints. The terminal works well orders just fly. As an additional plus, I want to mention a very quick withdrawal and EPS.
Neutral feedback from FreshForex Translated automatically
Hello, Vladislav.
On the account any transaction in the form of Deposit/withdrawal of funds was not. You provided false information, so your opinion has no basis in reality, but thank you for the effort and interesting fictional story.
If you decide to test trading conditions, the company join :)
In "FreshForex" company with the best trading conditions, and for new customers, we launched the campaign "$ 1 for the registration of a" no Deposit bonus.
Dear owners of the resource, we ask You to be attentive to such feedback. Because, as other reviews mildly customized and not supported by any data - FreshForex company for more than 12 years on the market, it is trusted by thousands of traders and the accusations just laugh.
With best regards, FreshForex.
Negative feedback from RoN Translated automatically
My review of the Report and how the customers throw the money, run from this broker until it is too late. Me hyped for the replenishment of the Deposit during the summer. When I talked with the Manager on the phone me if hypnosis was introduced, could not contradict. And frankly they are so beautifully promised that doesn't really refuse. I believe the Scam with think and added to the Deposit. For two weeks I showed not a bad result, the Deposit has increased by 30%. At that time did not suspect anything, thought that I was very lucky with the broker. When the broker advised me to increase the Deposit without a doubt brought more money. Then I could not imagine what have I done. Not long did my happiness. A few days later I beautifully fresh forex merged. There are traded in General, a little more than a month, and deal with them today. Even wrote in kroufr, but the answer they got was one of them. Here's something interesting I found Think the Scam is still the same!!!
Negative feedback from Владислав Translated automatically
To me Think Scam well cranked, the situation is generally anecdotal - I just can't find an explanation! What we have: account number 359337 when I took the first time, passed the verification, the money received. No questions. Deduce the second time, and SUDDENLY the broker took me and my passport, and the output get blocked. Of course, I do not understand anything but decided that I did not lose anything, sent the photo. If that was it... Now they want a scan of my card. Warning issues - no, I did not change the method of output. Well, how is that even possible, if the first time your payment has gone through, why now so many obstacles?! Beginning to suspect that I do not intend to withdraw money. And saw before think negative reviews, but not particularly believed them. Plus one - I traded in this, ahem, company for a short time and did not manage to increase the Deposit up to a decent amount. To lose is not a pity.
Positive feedback from Юрий Translated automatically
Work for a long time with FreshForex, no claims to this broker I have. Specifications, performance standards, spreads do not inflate, babosiki output. What else do you need? Who cares, about a year orientation meeting, rose is a lot, but he started with only $ 300. So in 2 years of trading was never to at least one transaction is cancelled or withdrew money. Everything works like clockwork, and denyuzhku dripping.
Positive feedback from Даниил Translated automatically
Just yesterday, ordered a withdrawal to WebMoney. The application was processed within 10 minutes! A map output for a little while longer. In General, Fresh very quickly puts profits, of course, unless you request overnight or at the weekend.
Neutral feedback from Михаил Translated automatically
I was quite satisfied with the trading conditions Think, just heard that they have problems with the conclusion. Tell me, has anyone tried to withdraw profits?
Positive feedback from Валерий Translated automatically
A couple of days ago I signed up to Think, until everyone is happy. The terminal is not tupit, spreads low, performance high. Previously worked with other brokers, so there is nothing to compare.
Negative feedback from Вячеслав Translated automatically
Think - a dubious company! Luring customers with great bonuses that are impossible to fulfill, as a result, traders quickly merge. DTS none not regulated the company is registered somewhere in the offshore zone. In which case all your money will instantly evaporate. I wouldn't trust your money to this broker.
Positive feedback from Аркадий Translated automatically
On the forums you can often see a lot of questions, which broker to choose for beginners? In my experience I can say that FreshForex is ideal for beginners. There is free training, a lot of useful information about trading, free Analytics and predictions, best trading conditions.and attractive bonuses. I liked that Think in honor of the NG offers a no Deposit bonus 2017 dollars. Many complain that it is impossible to deduce, but it can help you to trade without risking your money. For me it is much more important. I also like that the broker quickly brings the money to you without any hitches as the other DC.
Positive feedback from Григорий Translated automatically
Think one of the few brokers that execute trades quickly and more quickly derive profit. I trade on ECN and have never experienced any problems with the execution of orders or requotes. Plus company on the market for more than 12 years, but unlike most other Russian brokers, it offers more attractive terms of trade. Here you can scalping and trading robots, is binary options easy and Analytics. It is evident that the company is developing constantly comes up with new promotions. During the four years of this broker's trading never thought to move to another company.
Positive feedback from Андрей Translated automatically
I don't know about others, but I work with Fresh for the third year, and I had no problems with any trade or withdrawal. I always bring profit in future, and over time, this procedure takes 3-5 minutes. Much faster than the previous broker, there is the withdrawal took more than three hours. Not tried to withdraw, maybe there are delays, don't know. With the execution of the transactions is also all right, I'm about a year out, I remember being quick. I also like fresh and Analytics-forecast, plus a very convenient economic calendar with a countdown until the next news, so definitely not miss. Fresh also often runs various promotions with bonuses, but I try to trade only on their own resources, as these free money relax, begin to try and win them back and eventually merge) And when trade with their own, make decisions more deliberately. So all I recommend this broker!
Negative feedback from Евгений Translated automatically
With FreshForex impossible to work constantly draw graphics and beat feet. To check opened two same orders from FreshForex and one broker (will not call him, to not think that I advertise it). In the end FreshForex work stop, and another broker price and close has not approached it. Well, slip generally work with an enviable constancy. I trade on them and are specially put large feet to avoid being knocked out due to small price fluctuations. And then came the news and was recorded a loss, twice the size of stop loss. He was so big, and I actually negated all trade for the month. And the chart formed a pin, and compared it with graphs of foreign brokers, there is also stud, but two times less. How can this be? Now looking for another broker with whom you normally work, and what you suggest!
Negative feedback from Владимир Translated automatically
Don't mess with this broker, my advice to you. Podrisovyvaet quotes and foot beats out just so. Trying to contact technical support-ignore. Payment delay, they fail there, then something else. Constantly asking any additional evidence, the photo with a passport in hand, scans bills for the apartment and the like easier to another company to trade than constantly argue with technical support and write endless letters to withdraw their honestly earned money.
Positive feedback from Николай Translated automatically
Trading for the third year at this broker and can not find anything better. On FreshForekse can really work: there is no minimum salary, small spreads, allow scalping, open orders instantly, large variety of bonuses, money withdrawn for a few minutes.
Neutral feedback from Makar Translated automatically
I have developed conflicting opinions about the work of the broker. On the one hand the good trading conditions and the possibility of scalp. On the other - the frequent slippage and expansion of the spread.
Positive feedback from egoist34 Translated automatically
A good broker! They traded at more than a year, until all are satisfied. Quotes benchmark, the performance of super, money withdrawn quickly, excellent tech support!
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