Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Daily analyst
Segregated accounts
Return spread
Affiliate program
Wide selection of trading instruments
The company quickly to withdraw funds+16
Есть страховка депозита+9
A huge number of trading instruments+8
You can trade CFD contracts+5
Trading platforms running smoothly+4
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A large threshold for the start of trading+25
No bonus programs+9
Sometimes there requotes+6
Lack cent accounts+4
тупий сайт. Важко розібратись+4
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  • The year of Foundation 2006
  • Head office address 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ
  • Maximum leverage 1:500
  • Min. Deposit $500
  • Regulation CySEC, FCA, MiFID, ICF, FSB, FSCS
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5,cTrader
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, NETELLER
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, NETELLER
  • Number of trading instruments 70
  • The number of CFD instruments 180
  • The number of futures 20
  • The number of metals 6
  • FxPro cTrader
  • FxPro MT5
  • FxPro MT4 Market
  • FxPro MT4 Instant
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Positive feedback from Виталий Е Translated automatically
A great broker with a long history and a huge number of positive reviews and feedback on the world wide web. Other things being equal, for me personally it outperforms its rivals by a wide margin. Wealth of trading platforms and tools are really impressive, if you're a beginner, work with a basic set and do not go deep. But if the experienced Profi - is where the soul to roam, and graphs, and calculators, and invest assistants. In General, versatile and most importantly reliable broker.
Positive feedback from Борис Translated automatically
For me FxPro the best broker and I have something to compare, I have long been trading. The main thing that I like about them is the license and insurance of the Deposit in case of bankruptcy. Also they have Russian speaking support, despite the fact that they are in London, it is also important. Trading conditions may not be the most attractive, but there is confidence that the broker will not deceive, will not join in the conflict. The money they derive, quickly and without delay.
Positive feedback from Максим Translated automatically
A stable and reliable broker, which is not the first year on the market. When I started to work with them, there were fears and anxieties about, not crooks. Whether to manipulate quotes to throw clients on spreads, etc. But time has shown that I was worrying for nothing. If FxPro does not change in his policy - I will trading with them.
Positive feedback from Укупник Август Translated automatically
The trading experience of 5 years. Not much but not so little. Tried different broker company. Somewhere only demo account and the real tested. Here also started with demo, make sure that everything is functioning steadily, and talked with other traders, gathering their feedback and experience. Now a year trade on FxPro and its change is not going to. All completely satisfied, with software-hardware, in terms of customer service.
Negative feedback from Александр Translated automatically
Gentlemen, where do you gain such idiots in your customer service. You are they are a special casting. Some down Vladislav, within 45 minutes, could not answer me, what do I need to choose account FxPro MT4 to type of performance I had Market Execution. You're kidding, or you do it all really not care?
Positive feedback from Антон Translated automatically
Standards broker, take profit without problems. Raised almost in 2 times more than Deposit. Work on pepsoft. Quality of execution is quick, which for me is key. There are no restrictions on pepsoft, you can use any advisers. Those. issues that would affect the trading was not. Slippage in volatile market happen, where without them, but in both directions, so everything is fair. Withdrawal of profit was never delayed for more than 2 days. While I'm completely satisfied!
Positive feedback from Егор Translated automatically
Opted for FxPro for three reasons: the broker is regulated by the FCA, has a Russian-language website and support and excellent trading conditions. Opened an account with FxPro a year ago for scalping and so far completely satisfied with everything. Transactions are clearly no re-quotes, slippage sometimes, but it's all brokers, there is nothing you can do. And most importantly is the fact that FxPro pays, never delay in withdrawals.
Positive feedback from Ингеборга Translated automatically
Good broker. Many advantages with almost no disadvantages. Minimum slippage on the news. There was even a couple of times that slippage was in my direction. Before such did not meet. Nice. During the work did not notice any attempt to deceive me or divorce. Can make deposits and withdrawals using a service PSB. Quickly, safely and profitably. Can recommend to all.
Positive feedback from Денис Translated automatically
What I like about FxPro is the fact that the absolute allowed all kinds of strategies. I as a scalper this is very important. And then come back to the same broker, trade like normal, and output begin to reverse the transactions of, say, all transactions lasting less than 5 minutes will be cancelled. And FxPro this is not, and the trading conditions are, and the money withdrawn without question.
Positive feedback from Семен Translated automatically
IMHO, a great choice for beginners who really want to learn to trade and earn. 100 box Deposit is not the largest among reputable brokers. Great demo account to all types of platforms. There are Russian-speaking support. There are no restrictions on trade. Many ways to recharge: card, Bank transfer, Skrill, Paypal.
Positive feedback from Татарин Translated automatically
A great broker. Fairly narrow spreads, so I almost don't notice really stable connection and fast execution of orders, the twist money through PSB is really very convenient. Several times had to contact the customer support responded quickly and helped with the Russian language. My rating is 5.
Positive feedback from Pokemon Translated automatically
Here work not the first year and 90% were satisfied with the quality of services rendered during this time. Not many brokers provide the same range of features and functionality for the right price. IMHO, among the top brokers fxpro one of the most modern and walking in step with the times.
Positive feedback from Леонид Translated automatically
Initial Deposit over rather big for a beginner. But here at least you can be sure that this is not a Scam and with the right approach and mind you will be able to earn. And not just your money lured and then come up with a bunch of nonsense if only you lost them.
Positive feedback from Геннадий Translated automatically
Have been trading with FxPro for a second month. I am new on Forex so poorly versed in some aspects, but support always tells what and how. The website also has training materials and good Analytics - all this really helps the novice trader. Plus a good order execution and low spread. The only negative - need a large enough Deposit. Well, and no problems. A couple of days ago, ordered the payment has processed the application very quickly. While everyone is happy.
Positive feedback from Алексей Translated automatically
FxPro is the most reliable and professional broker. Service and quality in a European Bank. Recently switched from the standard account to ECN and was surprised by the speed of execution and continuity of trading platforms. Yes, a Deposit is big enough, but for normal trade and just such a need. No more cons I have not noticed. One of the advantages I also want to mention a quick conclusion on the map.
Positive feedback from Антон Translated automatically
Working with this broker almost since the beginning of their trading career, serious shoals of them were not, I can say that office is very reliable. Plus, they offer a fairly wide selection of platforms and tools. In General, you can choose for themselves the optimal conditions.
Positive feedback from Иван Translated automatically
Year ago opened an account at FxPro, has always traded only on MT4, and then decided to try CTrader, which quite pleased. Good modern shopping terminal! During the trade there was no re-quotes, no failures. With a broker there were no conflicts. FxPro gives you earn and quickly removes money.
Positive feedback from Павел Translated automatically
Six months ago started working with FxPro and marveled at how smoothly and stably broker. No re-quotes and slippage, the execution is excellent, spreads are acceptable. If there are any issues, they are resolved in a few minutes in chat support. The conclusion is very fast. Tried to scalp and trade on the news, and to put the EA runs like clockwork. Chose a broker based on the fact that he was a sponsor of Formula 1 and football teams of the English Premier League. I think the kitchen and the little-known office will not sponsor the sports team of the world level. And I'm not mistaken, FxPro really reliable and stable broker.
Positive feedback from Ramazan
I have started FxPro MetaTrader 5 two weeks ago. I had some questions during registration but online support helped me to solve this problem very quickly and explained all the moments. I liked their customer service very much. I can’t evaluate other sides of FxPro now, because I don’t have sufficient experience. But, first impressions of FxPro is very good.
Positive feedback from Валерий Translated automatically
FxPro is one of Russian-speaking brokers you can trust your money. Previously traded in other brokers (will not call them here, that was not considered for advertising), and everything was fine but recently has noticeably worsened trading conditions and had problems with withdrawals, not to mention the regulation, it is simply no. Began to look for another company and accidentally caught my eye FxPro. Decided to chat with the managers of the broker. You know, I love so to talk, ask a few different questions. A chat room is a face of the company, if the managers quickly and accurately answer questions, so if problems occur during trading, you can get quick help, and that's saying a lot. I talked with the managers of the broker, they told me just 15 minutes to tell all about the advantages of FxPro, that he regulated by the FCA, and trading conditions. I enjoyed it, and here I am on my third month trading in this broker and have no regrets. Money quickly, the terminal just flies, orders are opened instantly, spreads are acceptable, no re-quotes, strong slippage did not notice. Excellent broker, would recommend!
Positive feedback from Дмитрий Translated automatically
FxPro is a good European broker. Unlike other DC was nowhere to be seen, FxPro has the London FCA license and insurance depot of 50 000 British pounds. It inspires confidence to the broker. At the same time I did not mind the lack FxPro license of the CBR. Let's see who has this license? The Finam and Teletrade! In my opinion this is the most disgusting office. And then the lack of Russian license from foreign companies is not what it says. For example, Swiss banks are also not licensed by the Bank of Russia... and a little touch on the technical features of the broker. Of course spreads are not the smallest, but the performances are fabulous. Even on the news orders are executed in fractions of a second. Plus adequate Russian-speaking support. Well, the conclusion is always fast and without delay. Let me remind you, this is just my opinion, and then you decide.
Positive feedback from Максим Translated automatically
A good company. Yes there are brokers, where narrower spreads and say less. But here the rules and regulators no offshore, so you don't worry about their investments. Yes and trading conditions, acceptable performance level and the broker to trade. True, there are small restrictions on withdrawals, but this only confirms reliability and integrity of the company. So that third parties will not be able to transfer your funds without your knowledge. Plus fxpro compensates all Commission in finding that too cannot but delight!
Positive feedback from Виктор Translated automatically
I read the reviews on the site and saw that traders have problems with the trade in the bonus account, the broker forcibly closes the position when the end their own funds in the account. As a result, the trader will lose money. FxPro officially declares that against the bonuses. And rightly so, because the trader, getting a bonus, it tends to play faster. As a result, overstated rate, and trade turns of roulette. Trade safely without bonuses for its strategy and make money. I FxPro already almost a year, I will not say that zashibat mountains of gold, but the money is going, and the broker takes them without any problems.
Positive feedback from Александр Translated automatically
Trading on the FxPro 3rd year and is completely satisfied with everything. Yes there are brokers with lower spreads and minimal depot, but for normal trading 500 bucks - it is nothing less and it is not necessary to invest. The main thing is executed immediately and the money quickly withdrawn. And unlike many "kitchens» FxPro broker does not hinder trade. If you do have a working strategy, then you will earn.
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