Forex brokers with deposits via Comepay


Comepay is a Russian electronic payment system, money transfer. Comepay payment system is represented by a network of self-service terminals across Russia, it is also possible to create a wallet Comepay. To create a wallet, you need only a mobile phone number, which will be the login, password for login will come in an SMS, so using e-wallet Comepay is completely safe and secure. Through the purse or terminals Comepay, you can pay for utilities, IP telephony and the Internet, cell phones, television, traffic fines, transfer funds to other wallets, purchase air and railway tickets, book hotel rooms, to extinguish credits, to Fund the trading accounts of Forex brokers, etc. to Replenish the purse can Comepay by card, cash through the terminals Comepay, mobile phone balance, in the salons of "the Messenger" and "Euroset". Withdraw funds on the Bank card, transfer to other electronic wallets, to do banking and money transfers.