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21 august 2016, 15:16
Good day to all! My name is Igor. I - a successful trader with experience of 10 years. My turnover of thousands of items a year, I run means more customers. For 17 years, the company Broker "Alpari" operates in Russia. It positions itself as a "broker №1 in Russia." I have been working with this company for about 10 years and I know it does with the other hand. Responsibly declare - "Alpari" - thieves and swindlers On the main site "Alpari" page, and in many other places on the web and beyond you can see the banner "Action: 101% of the replenishment." Recently, I decided to join in this action. So, what happened. 1) Pressing the button "Register", I filled out the required fields, and thus became a member of the campaign "101% for the replenishment" 2) I opened a new account and deposited it on the amount of 200 000 rubles. 3) On my account been credited my 200 000 and the sum of about 200,000 from the top - in the order of events, as stipulated in the rules. Total of about 400,000 4) I phoned the manager of the Company, satisfied with his words that I can trade on the bonus cash. In the context of the action it was said that after 30 days they will be written off from the account, but then re-credited any part. And these 30 days you can not withdraw money from the account, otherwise the bonus will be lost. I was quite happy. 5) I have calculated the volume of the lots and trade risks, based on the amount of 400 000. Noted yourself when 30 days have passed and began working. 6) After a few days my deposit drawdown reached 50%. In my trading system, it is normal when an aggressive trade. That is the account left 200,000 from 400,000. 7) And ... .company forcibly closed the rest of the transaction on STOP OUT and does not allow to open new if the account balance equal to 196 394 rubles ... In other words, dealing center Alpari just took my to 200 000 rubles. 8) Of course, I immediately contacted the company with the claim. 9) The answer to it was vacuous 10) In paragraph 12 of the rules referred to by the company, the phrase "can not be traded on the bonus money," no. 11) I called the manager of the company, technical support, to the head office, and everywhere I was told about the same - "yes, the situation is unpleasant, but we have a right" 12) And in the stock has a point 15 "The Company reserves the right to change the conditions of the action without prior warning" 13) Advertising Law states: "Advertising must be fair and accurate. Unfair advertising and misleading advertising are not permitted. " "Unauthentic deemed advertising that contains untrue information: - On any characteristics of the goods, - To provide additional rights or benefits to the acquirer of the advertised goods; - The rules and dates of the games of chance, betting, including the number of prizes or awards based on the results of the games of chance, betting, date, place and procedure for receiving prizes or awards based on the results of the games of chance, betting, their organizer, as well as the source of information on risk-based games and betting; " (PP 1.2 of Article 5 of the Federal Law of March 13, 2006 N 38-FZ "On Advertising") 14) Thus, the company "Alpari", "Broker №1 in Russia", etc. It robbed me 200,000 of my own money. Do not believe the advertising! Take your money from dishonest dealers! Remember - free cheese only in a mousetrap!