Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Daily analyst
Low initial deposit
Copy trades
Bonus for replenishment
Interest on the balance of
Segregated accounts
Return spread
No deposit bonus
Affiliate program
Wide selection of trading instruments
No Deposit Bonus of $ 40 when you open an account through our site!+91
Minimum spread+55
No deposit bonuses+30
Instant order execution+18
Convenient Web terminal+14
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Mandatory verification of documents+62
  • The year of Foundation 2009
  • Head office address 4 Modestou Panteli, office 005, Mesa Geitonia, PC 4003, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. Deposit $0
  • Regulation CySEC, Financial Commission, ICF, IFSC, УЦРФИН
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5,WebTrader,cTrader
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Альфа-клик, QIWI, Оплата наличными, NETELLER, CashU, Монета.Ру, Payoneer, BitCoin
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, NETELLER, Payoneer
  • Number of trading instruments 34
  • The number of CFD instruments 7
  • The number of metals 6
  • ECN-FixSpread NDD
  • ECN-Pro NDD
  • Pro-Standard
  • Fix-Standard
  • Pro-Cent
  • Fix-Cent
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Positive feedback from Юрий Translated automatically
Trade in Robo almost since its opening. And every year, trading conditions only improve. Sometimes you read negative reviews and think, have you tried once to sell? Or just passing by and decided to write? Of course, I'm not saying that Robo is the perfect broker. Are his schools. But at least it pays not fit into your trading and provides a more or less normal trading terms, as well as a variety of events that make Forex trading more interesting and profitable.
Positive feedback from Степан Translated automatically
Recently joined the account in robot for$ 1000 and get an additional$ 500 bonus under the program "Protection = 50%". I usually dislike the bonuses, because they need to work, and it usually leads to a sink depot. But this bonus is involved in the drawdown account, and have already proved themselves in practice - instead of draining, I got a significant increase in their Deposit. The profit can be withdrawn, though not all, and in the ratio to equity, read the rules. The bonus is also executed, it will be possible to completely withdraw together with the entire profit, but I don't ask for such a purpose. For me the important thing is maintaining the account during the drawdown, and testing is just a nice little bonus that you can slowly work out over time.
Positive feedback from Даниил Translated automatically
A great broker! Transactions are performed quickly and with minimal spread, the money withdrawn even faster, the managers promptly and courteously respond to all questions. I'm not talking about the numerous competitions, promotions, bonuses, systems copy trades CopyFX and investment in the RAMM accounts. Moreover, here is officially allowed scalping and trading robots. Haven't met a broker. Traded here for the second year and continue to be a regular client of the Roboforex company.
Negative feedback from bog-alvar Translated automatically
The prohibition to use arbitration methods of trading, it is not permissible for the broker, positioning itself as a mediator who has no conflict of interest between broker and trader!
Positive feedback from Никита Translated automatically
Traded in robot recently, but have already experienced its advantages. I practice the trading advisors, other brokers accounts polyvalve, and Robo-Advisor continues to work, even though the settings are the same. Another of the advantages that money in Novoforex output very quickly. Deficiencies noted have not yet been.
Positive feedback from Аркадий Translated automatically
V is perfect for scalping. How many brokers have tried, but such favorable trading conditions, as the Robo I have not found. Spreads narrow, not much expanded during the news the trades are executed instantly and at a price which wanted to open a deal, not like some brokers when the trade is opened at the end of the pulse, and you remain in the red. The money withdrawn without delay and no cancellations of executed trades, as other brokers, you think you broke the rules. And with the recent Tradable bonus Protection, you can additionally get a 50% bonus to the Deposit that is still in the drawdown involved, such precisely no one.
Positive feedback from Павел Translated automatically
For me, the indicator of reliability of the broker is a quick conclusion without unnecessary delays and issues. Robo is great to deal with it. Plus he has low spreads, the most affordable in comparison with other brokers an ECN account, no requotes and slippage are rare. Work with robot is not the first year and completely happy with it!
Positive feedback from Денис Translated automatically
Trade in Roboforex trading terminal cTrader (account PRO-STANDARD). It works, although at first I thought that can't get used to the new terminal after MT4. But mastered quickly, the interface is very user-friendly. But trading on cTrader is more fast, without delay, requotes and freezes the terminal. But this does not exempt you from analysis and strategy, it's just a good tool for profit. If you're not peddling, no trendy terminal will not help you. Broker adequate, there are sometimes contentious issues, but they are fast enough. But the money they derive almost instantly, and most importantly.
Positive feedback from Виталий Translated automatically
Previously traded in other brokers and always had problems with execution, then a terminal crash, about the spread, I generally keep quiet. And I took it for granted until I discovered Robo. Everything just flies, no re-quotes and high spreads, and funds withdrawn on demand. You are the best, go ahead and continue to please us with new promotions and great trading conditions!
Positive feedback from Иван Translated automatically
Reliability V is the best among all brokers, with whom I worked. There are no re-quotes and high spreads, no problems with withdrawals. Slippage happen, but as minus and plus. The broker keeps track of your open positions, and not purposefully trying to drain you. On ECN account, there are no high requirements for the size of the Deposit, and the deals are there just fly. Plus, you can trade with advisors to scalp or trade the news. When you open the account, give a no Deposit bonus of 30$. So all I recommend!
Positive feedback from Василий Translated automatically
At the moment RoboForex is the best broker in my opinion. A couple of years ago I traded on Alpari, but now he is to any comparison does not go with Robo. What I think is the best broker? First, this high-speed execution, low spreads, trade without crashes and hangs platform, a wide choice of trading instruments. Secondly, it is a quality services, trades and investment, adequate support. And finally, the most important thing is a fast withdrawal of funds without hitches and unnecessary questions. Roboforex meets all these criteria, so I work with this broker.
Positive feedback from Юлия Translated automatically
In Robo the best system of copying transactions - CopyFX. I never really trust such systems. Of course, not counselor, but somehow couldn't blindly trust other traders. And now decided to try and have no regrets. Your own trading experience I lack, and with the help of customer service I began to earn decent money. The main thing to choose a reliable signal providers which trade in this system for a long time, and so drawdown was not more than 30%. Them unprofitable to sell in the negative, because they not only lose their funds, but also investors and also will ruin your reputation and lose the leading position in the ranking. Therefore, it is possible to copy signals without fear, just in case it is better to divide the attachments to several service providers for better security. Well, takes money robot without any complaints, just a few minutes.
Positive feedback from Михаил Translated automatically
What I like about Roboforex is that it permits the trading advisors, as well as creates conditions that make the trade even better. You can test the EA on a cent account, this is especially true for those robots that require large investments from 10 of thousands of dollars, and then put into the account $ 100 and trading. On ECN accounts at all the excellent trading conditions: zero spread, instant execution, no requotes, no slippage, Deposit the minimum, not like other brokers that require thousands bucks and higher. And if the Deposit of 300 us $ is, the more VPS will be connected free - it. More recently, a designer to create your EA launched, and don't even have to be a programmer. Try your hand may be able to automate your strategy and create a profitable robot!
Positive feedback from Глеб Translated automatically
On Forex for a long time, but for an almost no free time, because almost all of the time spent on work, and don't want to quit, firstly, I like her, and secondly, suddenly on Forex something will not go, and I'll be left with nothing. Chose Robo, because he has the most intelligent customer service CopyFX, a lot of normal governing. Connected several conservative and aggressive accounts to diversify risk and go about their business. Once a month browsing the statistics, add new accounts, remove those that are not justified. With regard to income, some months get very profitable, when fired almost all accounts, particularly aggressive. Sometimes there are zero month, when the profit of one account covers the losses of others. There are losing months, but not critical. The main thing in General during the reporting period, I am in the black and it pleases. Problems was not, Robo puts profits on WebMoney for a few minutes.
Positive feedback from Елена Translated automatically
Have been trading with Roboforex for 4 years and in that time, trading conditions improved. The performance was almost instant, no requote, slippage can be one way or the other, so everything is fair. The output of operational, on a plastic card the money comes during the day, and WebMoney so all fall within a few minutes. The company has many interesting projects in which to invest their money, or to become a Manager. I recently had a chance to trade in the stock market. The broker does not stand still, constantly evolving, and it is great! Some may have trouble verifying, but polite tech support always tells you what to do, but then there will be problems with withdrawals and you can withdraw your profit a couple of clicks. I want to wish further development and prosperity Roboforex! Very nice work!
Positive feedback from Albert Translated automatically
A great broker
Positive feedback from Сергей Translated automatically
Trade in RoboForex for a long time, and never had the desire to change broker. And then there's a new service stock. roboforex access to the American stock market. Decided to try the service account with $ 500 less and not worth the bother. No longer interested in short-term trade and long-term investment. From pros like that you can trade through your browser from any location where there is Internet, you do not need to install terminals. Cons-quite large commissions for carrying positions. But if the trade goes, it's the little things.
Positive feedback from haus86 Translated automatically
Recently I opened the account, received a bonus. Broker good, does not interfere with trade. Orders are opened quickly, the trading terminal also works without a glitch.
Positive feedback from markus76 Translated automatically
4 years is a partner RoboForex haggling and sometimes himself. Thanks untwisted and reliable broker, to attract new customers is a pleasure. I recommend this broker.
Positive feedback from Игорь Translated automatically
It is suitable broker for beginners who have no experience in Forex trading. There are cent accounts, the minimum requirements for the size of the deposit and the low spread - everything you need to learn all the basics of trading.
Neutral feedback from merdok69 Translated automatically
RoboForeks - a very good broker, but not for investors. Recently there was a new system RAMM-accounts (the analog of the PAMM-accounts), but so far that some incompetent managers working there. I invested in the 5 accounts, and only one brought me a small profit, the three worked in a minus, and one to zero. The idea is quite interesting, but lacks creative implementers, I hope that they will appear in the future.
Positive feedback from dmitriy38 Translated automatically
Trading on the RoboForekse more than a year and have noticed that they are constantly evolving, add something new, it pleases. That added RAMM-account may be that the service is a little damp, but in time he still attains its popularity. Regularly hosts a variety of events, and the quality of services just on top. Good luck to you and your customers!
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