Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Seminars and training
Daily analyst
Trust management
Interest on the balance of
Telephone trading
Wide selection of trading instruments
Free analytics and training+5
Round the clock technical support+3
Удобный вывод средств+1
High requirements for the minimum deposit+6
A high spread+5
Low leverage up to 1: 100+2
  • The year of Foundation 1994
  • Head office address Cedar Hill Crest, PO Box 1825, Villa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Maximum leverage 1:100
  • Min. Deposit $1000
  • Regulation CySEC, КРОУФР, УЦРФИН, ЦБ РФ, АФД
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Number of trading instruments 48
  • The number of CFD instruments 62
  • The number of metals 5
  • Professional
  • Standard
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Positive feedback from Анастасия Translated automatically
I don't understand why here in General is written about the minimum Deposit. Well, no it! Yes, you will not enter into a transaction whole amount if you have less than a thousand, but to the and fractional lot. It is clear that many so not will gain. for example! As I was advised by my Manager (thank her from me is huge). I started with 500дол., it is clear that the amount is small, so to dig, I was dealing with a master of invest and a little less than 100дол. in a month, I got to 1200, there just is percent copy more, the rate of increase is also more, that's all. But as I am generally interested in, I went to school traders (this is paid training). There is really pretty. Training was conducted by analyst Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev not name:D), traded with him during class, so the school itself paid off for me quite quickly, to the middle classes for sure. And the knowledge you pour so that the mother beware)))
Positive feedback from Евгений Translated automatically
My Broker has earned a good review. And even though I do sell a little more than a year, the period is not the greatest, I think that the broker has already shown that he is. The main difference between it and the advantage is that it is the broker, not the kitchen. Trading conditions consistent with those from the world's leading brokers, and involve a safety net customers that the lights are not merged at a time. At the same world level, program trading, do not hang up and will not turn off. Excellent analytical service. Even if you follow the free Analytics, it is already possible to trade in plus. Subscribe to paid signals to further raise the quality of trading. And the fact that this Broker is already 20 years on the market, only further convinces me that I correctly chose it.
Negative feedback from Евгений Translated automatically
I have a question to the representatives of the Bank of Russia. As these scammers from Teletrade received the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation? They should be close, and you give them the nod. So they under the guise of "honest" the broker lied to more people? Yes this is the most usual financial pyramid. They lure people, promising them sky-high interest rates, and then drained of their money, pocketing themselves and stop communicating. So I just lost 50 thousand dollars for a few days, gave in trust to the trader, which had been touted to me in the office. But now openly rude to me and take off when I call them. And I like hundreds of people. I thought that the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has at least some weight, and it turned out it was just a piece of paper. You are as corrupt as TeleTrade, probably also to share with them. Who paid more and got the license of Bank of Russia. Normal brokers do not want to bribe them to the blacklist. My advice is do not trade with Russian \"kitchen\", it is better to work with proven European brokers with a normal license.
Negative feedback from Николаевич Translated automatically
complete garbage I can.
Negative feedback from Никита Translated automatically
In June of this year I became a client of the Broker. To trust that broker, I decided when I found out that he was licensed Forex dealer of the Bank of Russia. But now I understand that the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not play a role when choosing a broker, because the Broker screwed me over 30 thousand dollars. But about all under the order. First, my mobile phone started calling the girl, she touted this Broker, how good they are and was licensed one of the first. At first I ignored the calls, but then I got curious and I visited their office, which told me to trade I don't need, I will make them a professional trader. In the end, I opened an account with this company and joined him for 10 thousand dollars. For the month of trading account was increased to 17.5 thousand dollars. I threw him 20 thousand dollars, and by September my account was already 65 thousand dollars. But when I decided to withdraw some funds, he found that the balance is zero. An attempt to contact the Manager of my account has not brought results, in addition to the Request stated that employees with the same name they have never worked. I don't know how to get your money back!
Positive feedback from Ирина Translated automatically
The company positions itself as a fair and honest broker. And obtaining a license from the Bank of Russia to carry out forex activities on the territory of the Russian Federation was yet another confirmation of their reliability. For a long time to look closely to this broker, now just put their money into it.
Positive feedback from Alex34 Translated automatically
Teletrade is quite decent broker, but like all large companies it has its drawbacks, which can be used to. The main thing is that they consistently derive profits and excessive spread or slip - it's just the little things. If you know how to trade, then they will be able to prevent. And if you do something wrong, you should not blame the broker, try to find the cause in itself.
Neutral feedback from Timyr Translated automatically
This broker is not some kind of special. He has both minuses (excessive spread, delay the withdrawal of funds) and the pros (Forex training, courteous technical support). But choosing the company or not, you have to decide.
Negative feedback from Максим Translated automatically
Teletrade many years interferes with commerce traders, change quotes, does not allow to open orders at competitive prices and in every way prevents trade in the plus. This "kitchen" actively attracting new clients by promising them "golden mountains" and then merges their accounts. This is pure crooks! Zaguglit in the internet, litigation against Teletrade and his accomplices carried out in many cities of Russia. Be careful, do not trust their money!
Negative feedback from semen_80 Translated automatically
This DC is positioning itself as a training company, but in fact no practical knowledge gives. All information is sucked out of the classic forex books that are no longer relevant today. I myself studied at Teletrade, and then another, opened the scoring in their bank. And what do you think? I merged all outright. Price literally moved against me, I'm not lazy, compare quotes with other brokers and he was right, Teletrade quotes radically different from them. I posted in support, but they immediately stopped communicating, now do not know how to get their money back.
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