What is the minimum amount to start Forex trading?

According to statistics, more than 95% of traders fail. This is due to what reasons? Firstly, due to the lack of knowledge and trading experience in Forex. Secondly, due to uncontrolled emotions -.. Excitement, greed, fear, etc. But the main reason of the failure lies in the wrong money management. Of course, every one of you wants, investing $ 100 a month to get the same amount, that is, double it. Perhaps it is you and be able to do once or twice, but then you still will merge as your risks commensurate with the size of capital.

What should be the risk per trade?

Experienced traders recommend not to risk per trade more than 1-5% of the deposit. For example, your strategy stop loss is 30 points, then at risk of 1% and a minimum volume of transactions 0.01 lot you need a deposit of $ 300. That is, you have 100 attempts to merge the deposit, and sound strategy, it does not threaten you. Now imagine that you only have $ 100, and you open a transaction volume of 0.1 lots. In this case, only three losing trades in a row, to finally merge.

How much can you earn in a month in Forex?

At the risk understood, now left to figure out how much you can earn on Forex. We hasten to disappoint many unsuspecting traders who believe that the Forex for a month, you can double or even triple the deposit. Stable Forex can earn 5-10% of the deposit in a month. Do not rush to be upset, because the percentage of the total for the year to a multiple of bank interest on deposits. We're not talking about scalping or Martingale, because there is excessive risk. But if you have a working strategy, and you practice money management, the average 5-10% of their earnings in a month you will get. Maybe sometimes it will be 30%, and sometimes a small negative - it's Forex, and we can not guarantee anything, but for the quarter, or year, you will still be in the black.

With some amount to start trading Forex?

So how the same amount to start trading on the Forex to start getting a decent income? To begin, decide what you want to make a profit? For example, your goal - to $ 100, then your deposit must be not less than 1 000 $. Want to earn more - increase proportionally to the deposit (about 10 times). Believe me this is very important, as you will have peace of mind and confidence in your strategy and stop merging their small deposits for $ 100. Deposit 500 - 1 000 $ is the most comfortable for the beginner, but if you do not have this amount of money, it is better to hone their skills in trading on cent account until you accumulate a decent deposit.