Freedom Finance – International broker with IPO trading

Freedom Finance is an international investment company founded in 2008, the only broker from the EU listed on Nasdaq and providing access to IPO trading on favorable trading terms.

One of the many consequences of isolation from the coronavirus is that it has triggered a boom in stock market trading. Low interest rates, the emergence of new brokers for online trading, and a large number of people at home have combined to lead to a sharp increase in the number of amateur traders. Most brokers reported a significant increase in the use of trading platforms. In the US, for example, retail investors now account for 23% of all stock trading, more than double the level in 2024.

By far the most profitable and least risky way to invest is an IPO. Despite this, many novice traders have not even heard of such an effective tool. We have already written about what an IPO is, and today we will take a detailed look at the broker for IPO trading – Freedom Finance Europe.

What is Freedom Finance Europe?

Freedom Finance Europe is an international investment company founded in 2008, headquartered in Cyprus, with an authorized capital of more than $ 125 million and client assets of $ 1.3 billion. It is a subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp, an international strategic investment company operating in eight countries – Kazakhstan, Russia, the United States, Germany, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus.

Freedom Holding Corp has more than 2,000 employees and a market capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. Its activities are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, USA).

Positive Minuses
Regulated brokerage activities Limited ways to popoldeposits and withdrawals
40,000+ trading instruments, including IPOs Lack of cryptocurrencies
Flexible trading plans with low fees There are no MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms
First 30 days without commission
The easy-to-use Freedom24 trading platform
Demo accounts
Ability to buy stocks 24/7
Remote account opening in just 10 minutes

What does Freedom Finance Europe do?

Freedom Finance Europe is the only stockbroker from the EU listed on the Nasdaq. Freedom Finance offers its own application, Freedom24, and a state-of-the-art electronic trading platform, Tradernet. The platforms are easy to use and equipped with the tools necessary to conduct a thorough market analysis. Through the Freedom24 trading platform, you can trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, and futures of leading companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. You can also buy and sell securities.


But the most important thing is that through Freedom24, you can invest in an IPO – the initial public offering of shares of European and American companies on the stock exchange. Previously, this was only available to institutional investors. Now individuals can participate in the IPO at the initial price on the first day of trading. Thus, you get access to the initial price before the company starts public trading on the exchange. This can be a very profitable investment, since from the beginning of the stock market circulation until the expiration of the block period (93 days), the price can increase by 10 or even 100 percent. The average return on all IPOs traded through Freedom24 over the past three months is an incredible 78% (as of April 2024), including companies like Airbnb (up 189% ), Snowflake (171%), Unity Software (203%), and Corsair Gaming (141%).

Why is Freedom Finance Europe trusted?

Freedom Finance

Freedom Finance Europe is the only EU-based broker listed on Nasdaq, the world's largest technology exchange, which shares are traded alongside companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Intel.

The company is fully compliant with MiFID II, a regulatory framework that provides the highest possible level of investor protection, and is a member of the Association of Financial Markets in Europe (AFME).

Moreover, the Freedom Finance Europe broker is classified by CreditSafe as A (very Low Risk) and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

What are the advantages of trading on the Freedom24 platform?

Freedom Finance Europe

One of the key advantages of trading on the Freedom24 platform is the possibility of exclusive participation in the initial public offerings of IPOs in both the United States and Europe. There have already been several IPOs with very large numbers of subscribers in the past year, such as Airbnb, PubMatic, Bumble, Palantir and DoorDash, with IPOs expected in 2024, which will include Starlink, Darktrace, Stripe and Lamborghini. Freedom24 selects only top-tier companies to trade, filtering out IPOs where revenue for traders is likely to be less profitable.

Another advantage of using Freedom Finance is the low commission. Unlike other similar platforms, commissions in Freedom24 start at $ 1.20 per transaction. Deposits and withdrawals usually take no more than 1-2 days.

In addition, you get access to stock markets around the world, including Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, HKEX, Deutsche Börse, MOEX, and KASE, you can also use more than 40,000 financial instruments, including stocks of the S&P 500 and leading global companies, futures, options, government and corporate bonds, IPOs, and various investment funds.

Freedom Finance accounts and commissions

Customers can choose from different plans that match their individual trading style. All new users can benefit from a free promo plan that allows them to trade for free for the first 30 days. All trading functions are available on the demo account without restrictions.

Trading accounts Freedom Finance

The Freedom Finance broker offers a choice of accounts depending on the size of your investment and the volume of trading activity. You can choose between Smart, Fix, Super, and All Inclusive accounts. The main difference between each account is the amount of commission you will pay. The larger the volume of your trade, the lower the commission:

  • the Smart account commission starts at $ 0.02 per share, but not less than $ 2 per transaction;
  • the Fix account commission starts at $ 0.012 per share with a minimum of $ 1.2 per order.;
  • the Super account commission starts at $ 0.008 per share, but not less than $ 1.2 per transaction;
  • the commission of the All Inclusive account starts at $ 0.012 per share + 0.5% of the volume of each transaction, but not less than $ 1.2 per transaction.

Opening an account with Freedom Finance

On the Freedom Finance website, you can fill out a short online form in which you can open a trading account to create an investment portfolio with any of the more than 40,000 exchange-traded instruments available through the broker. After opening an investment account, you can buy securities, trade on exchanges and participate in IPOs.

What is the minimum deposit in Freedom Finance?

The minimum deposit in Freedom Finance is only $ 1. This means that you can start trading stocks with minimal investment, especially compared to some brokers that require a deposit of $ 1,000 or more. Once you feel that the broker is right for you, you can consider increasing your deposit.

How to deposit money in Freedom Finance?

Freedom Finance accepts deposits via bank transfer and credit / debit cards. Bank transfers may appear on your account within 2-3 business days. Freedom Finance charges 2.5% for card deposits.

Account replenishment Freedom Finance

How to withdraw money from Freedom Finance?

You can withdraw funds by bank transfer. Freedom Finance does not charge a withdrawal fee, but you may need to pay a bank fee depending on your bank.


Thus, Freedom Finance is a very well-established brokerage company, whose activities are regulated in many jurisdictions. It has a large selection of trading instruments, including stocks, bonds, futures, options and IPOs, which are available for trading through a proprietary trading platform that is easy to use and compatible with multiple devices. Trading commissions are low, and the support team is always ready to help you with your online trading needs.