Where to open a PAMM account?

Not all traders get to trade successfully in the Forex, some have no relevant knowledge and trading experience, others do not have enough time. The way out of this situation could be investing in PAMM account. By entrusting their funds manager, you not only save time and money, but also significantly increase their capital. The main thing to entrust their investment professionals who trade in Forex is not less than a year and during that time have shown good results. Do not fear for the safety of your funds, because the manager does not have access to them. You can lose your money only if the drawdown account. But in this case, losses and affect the control of the deposit as well as the ratio between your account and the account manager proportional. If the deposit control is 1 000 $, and your investment is $ 100, then in the presence of 30% drawdown, your loss would be $ 30, and losses control - $ 300.

Where better to open a PAMM account?

Many brokers offer PAMM accounts services, so beginners are often doubts about where to open a PAMM account. To dispel your doubts, we offer top brokers who have the best conditions for investment:

  1. Alpari. This broker is one of the first who started to offer the service PAMM accounts, so there is most likely to find a good manager. And only Alpari has the fine-tuning of the rating of the PAMM accounts, it even seems to be too difficult for beginners, but it makes it very intelligently approach the selection of the manager;
  2. AMarkets. Unlike the previous broker AMarkets provides enough young service PAMM accounts, so novice manager here will be much easier to break into the lead. For investors, here is an easy search for managers, although not with such functionality, as in the Alpari;
  3. RoboForex. Broker RoboForex offers RAMM account - an interesting combination of PAMM accounts and copying service transactions. Unique RAMM accounts is in full control of the account and risk, which makes them very attractive to investors.

How to open a PAMM account?

To open a PAMM account, the investor need to register with one of the above listed brokers, fund your account and select the control in the ranking of PAMM accounts. It is recommended not to invest in one control, and in the list of PAMM accounts, thus, you insure yourself against the risk of loss of investment. At the end of the month received the PAMM account profit is distributed among its participants in proportion to their investments. It should also be borne in mind that the manager takes a fee from the investor's income, which is stipulated in the offer before investing in PAMM account.