Which account should I choose for scalping?

Scalping is the most profitable trading strategy that allows you to earn money on almost any price movement. The essence of scalping is to get a small profit (from a few points) for a minimum period of time, that is, "take a scalp" in the jargon of traders, hence the name of the strategy. There can be up to hundreds of such transactions per day, and as a result, you can get a good profit. Scalping is considered one of the most popular strategies among novice traders, as it can be used to quickly disperse the Deposit. But, like any strategy, scalping has its drawbacks, which can reduce the profit to zero:

  1. High spread size. When you open a trade, you are charged a spread, and you immediately find yourself in the red. To overcome it, you need to wait for the price to pass the required number of points in the desired direction. Sometimes the spread is so large that the price momentum is at best only enough to close the deal at zero;

  2. Excellent. On cent and classic accounts, requotes are very common – repeated requests to open a deal at a new price. As a result, you open a trade at the worst price, and in combination with a high spread, this disadvantage turns scalping into a losing strategy.

However, there is a way out of this situation – opening an ECN account. Thanks to STP (end-to-end order processing) technology, you get the best price from a liquidity provider (Bank) without requotes and with a minimum spread.

Which account should I choose for scalping at RoboForex?

If you are going to scalp in RoboForex, you should open an ECN-PRO NDD account, as it has a number of advantages:

  • no minimum Deposit;

  • i>

    floating spread from 0 points;

  • no re-quotes;

  • the leverage is 1:300;

  • a small Commission is$ 20 per 1 million USD of turnover.

When compared with the ECN-FIXSPREAD NDD with a fixed spread, the difference is obvious in favor of the ECN-PRO NDD account with a floating spread and Commission.

If you compare ECN accounts of other brokers, RoboForex has the best trading conditions for scalping. For example, in AMarkets, the minimum Deposit on an ECN account is$ 1,000. not every novice trader can afford this amount.

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