Who are the liquidity providers?

Liquidity providers Forex Liquidity Providers) is an investment company, hedge funds, major banks and brokers, which are periodically traded in Forex with the aim to satisfy the needs of currency exchange, or speculative considerations, and thus act as liquidity providers.

The best-known liquidity providers are the following financial companies: Bank of America, CAX, Baxter-FX, Citibank, Barclays, Currenex, Deutsche Bank, CitiFX, Citibank, DBFX, Ducas Bank, Dresdner Bank, Dukascopy, FXall, EBS-Icap, FFastFill, Hotspot, GFT Forex, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Integral, IFX Markets, JDFX, LavaFX, JPMorgan, Liquidus, Merrill Lynch, MBTrading, Morgan Stanley, RBS, Nomura Bank, UBS, Scandi Bank, Saxo Bank and many others.

Whether a broker with liquidity providers or not, depends on the speed of order execution, spread size, and displays whether the broker trades in the interbank market, or in front of you is the usual "kitchen". On the broker's website or support team can clarify what liquidity providers your broker works.