What are the different types of accounts?

Demo account - the virtual learning accounts, with which you can learn the basics of Forex trading without risking your own money, to develop trading strategies and test experts;

Competitive account - a special trading accounts that are created during the contest, they fully satisfy the commercial conditions of the competition and won prizes then transferred to real or bonus account;

Cent (or micro) accounts - is another type of demo account, but this time you risk a small amount of funds, which brings trade to the real conditions. One dollar on a cent account is equal to one hundred cents. If you need to test an expert, but the account is to be 10,000 currency units, it is necessary to put on a cent account of $ 100, that being equivalent to 10 000 cents;

Classic (standard) account - a real trading account, used by most traders. They come with fixed and floating spreads, and may differ in speed of execution of transactions;

ECN-accounts - is a professional trading accounts with commissions instead spreads and instant execution of orders. It is recommended to use scalping;

Bessvopovye account (Swap-free) - also referred to as Islamic accounts. They invented specifically for the Islamic countries, which under the laws of the Sharia prohibited payment of interest on transactions as swap is both negative and positive. But now bessvopovye account, in which instead of the swap is charged a fixed fee may apply anyone;

PAMM account - a special account, which are created to attract traders from investment. As a result, investors will receive income, without taking part in the trade, and the trader receives a commission for account management.