Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Trading platform MT4
Regulation BVIFSC
Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, NETELLER
Low initial deposit
PAMM service
Trust management
Islamic accounts
Bonus for replenishment
Affiliate program
Average speed of processing the application for withdrawal of funds does not exceed two hours+15
Availability cent and ECN accounts+10
Video Analytics and webinars+9
No minimum Deposit+8
Scalping is allowed+8
The FSC license+4
Advantageous partner conditions+4
High speed of orders execution+3
Excellent customer service+3
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The widening of spread during news release+13
Sometimes there are requotes and slippages+10
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Broker Forex4you is part of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. and provides Forex trading services since 2007. Forex4you is engaged in the following activities:

  • trade on Forex;

  • the system of PAMM-accounts;

  • copying service Share4you transactions;

  • safety of client funds (deposits from 100,000 dollars stored in Bank accounts in Switzerland);

  • learning the trade;

  • multi-level affiliate program.

Regulation and license Forex4you

Forex4you broker registered in the British virgin Islands under the number 1384287. It is regulated by the BVIFSC and has the license number SIBA/L/12/1027. Liquidity providers Forex4you are big banks: Sucden Financial Limited, Boston Technologies, GSL, INTL FCStone Inc., The COMPANY and KPMG. For the diversification of clients ' funds Forex4you cooperates with the following banks: PPF Group, OCBC, Alfa-Bank, Novo Banco, and ABLV Bank.

Processing technology deals in Forex4you

The company Forex4you offers three groups of Forex accounts that differ in trading conditions and the degree of participation of a dealer:

  1. DDE accounts (Cent and Classic) – Dealing Desk Execution accounts involving dealing center;

  2. NDDE-account (Cent NDD and Classic NDD) No Dealing Desk Execution accounts without the participation of the dealing, with direct access to the interbank market;

  3. STP PRO is a professional type of account that provides end-to-end processing of applications.

Let us dwell on the main types of trading accounts. Cent account is suitable for beginners for a trade not require large amounts. Enough to Deposit $ 10 and it will be the equivalent of 1 000 cents. Also use cent accounts for testing strategies and expert advisors. The Cent NDD account has the corresponding advantagessociety on a regular cent account: transactions are executed at market price with no requotes approximately 0,86 seconds instead of 1.74 seconds, floating spread from 0.1 pips, but please note that you need to pay extra Commission of $ 10 for 1 lot. In the classical accounts increased speed of order execution (to 0.27 seconds on Classic NDD) and there is no limit on the maximum number of orders. These accounts are suitable for traders who have learned to understand all the intricacies of the market and are ready to move to a new level. It should be noted that in addition to charging a spread on the Classic NDD account will be charged a Commission of 8 dollars for 1 lot. Account Pro STP is suitable for professionals, operating large volumes on Forex. Due to its transparency, high speed performance (0,16 seconds) and narrow spreads this type of account is ideal for scalping. Additional Commission not exceeding 10 dollars for 1 lot. On all types of accounts subject to the same requirement to the minimum amount of Deposit is $ 50. However, for Classic account it is recommended to use at least $ 500, and the accounts Classic, NDD and Pro STP not less than $ 1,000. Also on all accounts permitted to trade robots and scalping.

The features of the trade Forex4you

To trade successfully in Forex4you and avoid any contentious situations with customer support company, you need to consider a number of features of the broker:

  • For a couple of hours before market close on Friday, may decrease the leverage to 1:100 for new positions;

  • Dealing center can forbid you to open and close trades, which could lead to decreased levels of Margin to the Margin Call within a couple of hours before market close, and also to hedge positions;

  • If the gap closes above the order open price and Take Profit level, then the transaction will be cancelled (paragraph 4.13 of the Rules and paragraph 4.11 of the Agreement);

  • In the case of execution of transactions on non-market, kotiroof application or errors dealing center, the company is entitled to cancel such order (paragraph 4.11 of the Agreement).

PAMM-account in Forex4you

Broker Forex4you offers two types of PAMM accounts: PAMM Classic and PAMM Cent. With the help of PAMM cent accounts it is possible to estimate the terms of trade and the transparency of the relationship between the Manager and investors, while the classic PAMM account is ideal for professional trade and investment. The minimum Deposit on PAMM-accounts is $ 100 and the minimum investment is $ 20, the amount of investment could be corrected the Manager of the PAMM-account.

The customer service Forex4you

Broker Forex4you one of the first suggested to use the services automatically copy trades of traders. While investors have a number of advantages: the funds remain on their account, are paid only profitable trades, thanks to the special functions Zoom you can adjust the volume of transactions and the leverage for your account. Leaders offer their signals for copying their trades, receive compensation from subscribers, thereby increasing your capital. In addition, Forex4you regularly holds contests and different promotions to their customers. Thus, the broker will be interesting both for beginners and professional players. It should also be noted that in order to counter money laundering all the funds credited to the trading account can be withdrawn only through the payment system, which was implemented for the Deposit.

  • The year of Foundation 2007
  • Head office address First Floor, Mandar House, Johnson
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. Deposit $50
  • Regulation BVIFSC
  • Trading platform MT4
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Альфа-клик, QIWI, РБК Деньги, NETELLER, Система W1, Интернет-банк Промсвязьбанк, Сбербанк ОнЛ@йн
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, NETELLER
  • Number of trading instruments 40
  • The number of CFD instruments 68
  • The number of metals 5
  • Pro STP
  • Classic NDD
  • Cent NDD
  • Classic
  • Cent
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Positive feedback from munko Opinion translated automatically
Forex4you is a good broker in the Forex market. Traded with him for the last four years. Constant promotions and bonuses Deposit add optimism. In one of the stock unexpectedly won $ 2,000. By the way, one of the first companies that offered to sell the crypt. At that time the fee was exorbitant, but it was worth it. And now with an enviable constancy change tools and earn all you want.
Positive feedback from TORIEN Opinion translated automatically
The third year of fruitful cooperation with this company. Like there is the possibility to trade with floating/fixed spread. Several terminals for bidding comes in handy when you have a choice. Personally, I have no complaints. Consistently making good money.
Neutral feedback from Саният Opinion translated automatically
Good broker. Leko to withdraw and Fund a trading account, never had problems. Great swaps and spreads. It's nice that the predicted parameters can be any robot to add a check of the spread and everything goes on top. Tech support is attentive and meticulous. There are many options to contact her. The nice thing is that call of Russia free. Everyone is happy.
Positive feedback from Max Opinion translated automatically
Easy broker to work with. No complex manipulation of trading accounts and earnings. It is important that reliability is configured as the e-mail and the confirmation SMS. For many years the existence of forex4you has improved many things and added many tools that allow you to trade not only Agulla trading for beginners.

Positive feedback from Ivan Opinion translated automatically
When trading through the MT4 platform, all works fine (with a sharp market movements I couldn't slow down). Other terminals are biased probably because they are not so familiar to me.

Positive feedback from Валерия Opinion translated automatically
Forex4you - one of the few brokers in Russia you can trust your money. Working with him for a long time, and never been let down. Repeatedly wrote to tech support, all problems were solved very quickly and competently. There are various accounts, including a cent, where you can test new strategies and advisors. Trading conditions are good, the deal is not canceled, the money is withdrawn. There are no restrictions on the strategy.
Positive feedback from Сергей Opinion translated automatically
In my opinion, the most transparent in Forex4you PAMM account service. Facilities Manager and investors are in a special investment account, and neither one nor the other party can not just without the knowledge to withdraw money. Forex4you is a guarantee of reliability and security investments. He is an investor with Feb 2018 and I do not regret that chose this broker. It is a pity that removed the ability to output to QIWI, it was very convenient.
Positive feedback from Григорий Opinion translated automatically
Happened recently with this broker a bad situation due to server failure I lost some money. Posted in tech support complaint. Within a few days, the company handled my complaint, investigated and compensated for my loss and apologized for crashing. Worked very quickly and no questions asked. Continue to work with Forex4you!
Positive feedback from Владимир Opinion translated automatically
My acquaintance with Forex4you began with the use of the service copy trades. Gradually began to earn and understand the trading for self trading. Like that no need to waste time for verification before you begin trading, but only before the withdrawal. Now trade the bitcoin this broker. He has one of the lowest commissions - 0.3% per trade.
Negative feedback from Михаил Opinion translated automatically
The worst broker of all the people I worked and work.
Positive feedback from Евгений Opinion translated automatically
Last time, I don't trade Forex myself, and use a passive break-even earnings. In this plan the affiliate program of Forex4you was the most profitable. This is what he will give (really give and bring) up to 75% of their earnings on spread with each transaction of the customer that you! Really the best conditions among all offices.
Positive feedback from Борис Opinion translated automatically
Great broker, I started on his Nickel, and work seriously for the second year. Tested other offices, but in the end keep score here. All familiar and easy to use. Personal account is well thought out, not interfere, the conclusion during the day, training and Analytics on top. Support operational and... patient. That beginners important.
Positive feedback from Марат Opinion translated automatically
For several years investing in the PAMM-account in Forex4you. Of course, during this time, there were merged funds. But in total, my initial capital was increased by almost half. So there are competent managers.
Positive feedback from Олег Opinion translated automatically
A great broker for scalping only work here, it is possible to trade without spread. I must say, if you want real profits go to the Pro STP, excellent conditions of stock indices. I will mention a good leverage, in General, I like it.
Positive feedback from Алексей Opinion translated automatically
Great opportunity for investment. In Share4you all clear, checked and choose the Manager. I chose and have no regrets, as the investor can see any data your Manager. All of the clear connecting to the account fairly quickly. I can work with.
Positive feedback from Елена Opinion translated automatically
Very long was going to start trading in Forex. Looked for reviews on the forums, and opened my first account it was on Forex4you. There are no restrictions on trade, you can open a cent account, they have a small spread. Reliable platform known to settle easily. Everything you need for a beginner.
Positive feedback from Даниил Opinion translated automatically
Good reliable company with a high rating. Many promotions and contests, there is a credit bonus. I was very useful that they have a special mobile application Forex4you. It is the standard MT4 for Android. I'm often on the road and can trade from the comfort of the train.
Positive feedback from Сергей Opinion translated automatically
Yes, the risk is minimal. You can work with small leverage is significantly reduces the risks. You can practice the strategy on a cent account. There are accounts with zero spread. The transaction is executed within seconds, and withdrawals – for an hour. Nice work!
Positive feedback from Богдан Opinion translated automatically
Forex4you trading for almost 5 years. The company is really the most popular among the brokers with the experience. Many started with her. They provide cent account, help with training, tech support responds promptly. Who here started trading likely will remain, because why change a proven good at something else?
Positive feedback from Глеб Opinion translated automatically
Well, the breakages they have really rare, the conclusion is decent, and the recharge is possible through different system conveniently. I also like this broker. I, however, recently chose the rating on this site and, it seems, was not mistaken.
Positive feedback from Сергей Opinion translated automatically
For more than a year are trading with Forex4you. Very pleased with the conclusion they have a quick, no delays. The company is known, holds various contests and promotions. Audience they have extensive runs quite successfully. However, a couple of times I have had breaks, but I put stop losses and nothing really lost. In short, I recommend.
Positive feedback from Александр Opinion translated automatically
Good company. All happy, a lot of tools to choose from. Fast withdrawal, humane spread, and not overstate it, unlike others. Support МetaТrader5. You can use expert advisors and any strategies. Work steadily and earn not interfere.
Positive feedback from Иван Opinion translated automatically
Forex4you is a great broker to trade cryptocurrency. My choice fell on the Classic NDD account because of the execution Instant. There is everything for a successful trading with bitcoin - low fees, leverage up to 1:5, the ability to make deals from 0.01 bitcoin. No problem with the trade was not the support works, the money withdrawn!
Positive feedback from Артём Opinion translated automatically
If you are looking for a reliable broker, is Forex4you. You trade on the Pro STP account from this broker and do not know of any problems with requotes and disconnection. If you want to ask a question, technical support is always connected, it works as in the other DC. And the money is withdrawn, generally in minutes!
Positive feedback from Семен Opinion translated automatically
In Forex4you one of the most worthy services of PAMM-accounts. Invested a couple thousand dollars in different accounts (mostly conservative), during this time, almost all showed a good result. I'm fully satisfied. Previously tried to invest in PAMM accounts with other brokers, but there is not really passed, with varying degrees of success. There are also managers who have long traded and still show a high yield.
Positive feedback from Михаил Opinion translated automatically
Very convenient broker for scalping! Had traded with Alpari tried there to scalp, but there are very large spreads and requotes. Also tried there binary options, but not gone. Here, excellent trading conditions - minimal spreads and fast execution. Okay to trade, but the profit they derive also very fast.
Positive feedback from Геннадий Opinion translated automatically
This broker is the best service for copy of deals Share4you. Long sought such a service, considering other brokers, but only with Forex4you the best Forex trading conditions: low spread, fast execution and a huge choice of the leaders of traders providing their signals for a small fee. A little lame they support, the feeling that there are some interns, sometimes for half an hour to answer banal questions. But the money fast and this is important!
Positive feedback from Артем Opinion translated automatically
Forex4you - one of the most reliable and stable brokers. Worked with several brokers, but in the end made a choice in favor of Forex4you. Narrow (almost zero) spreads, instant execution and fast withdrawal of profits are the three criteria that I go by when choosing a broker. Forex4you will be a great fit, plus a separate thank you to say service support, always come to the rescue and quickly solve all problems.
Positive feedback from Евгений Opinion translated automatically
Trading in Forex4you broker I am happy. Bring on Yandex purse, never had delays.Well, about trading conditions and say nothing, many popular brands rest. Special thanks I want to say the tech support is always polite prompt you in difficult times, what to do and will help solve disputes.
Positive feedback from Виталий Opinion translated automatically
Been looking for a broker to invest in PAMM-accounts. First, like in withdrawal, but I did not really liked the service, no transparency and many managers quickly boost your score, and then sit and do nothing. In Forex4you I liked that all required for analysis information. Plus I talked to different managers, I learned what strategies they use to trade, the amount of commissions possible risks. Invested 2000$ in the three most attractive of governors of the rating. Two months on the two of them got significant profit, already withdraw profit through Bank transfer. Third while trades in zero, but he's more conservative long-term strategy. I think that he has to shoot in the near future. It is noteworthy that at anytime can be charged with the administering and to ask questions.