Forex Broker
Min. deposit
Trading Platforms
Regulation CySEC
Payment systems for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Neleller, FasaPay, Boleto, SOFORT, BitCoin
Seminars and training
Daily analyst
Low initial deposit
Copy trades
Segregated accounts
Affiliate program
Wide selection of trading instruments
Naga is regulated and offers copy-trading options and real stocks.+11
Copy trading service is top-notch; customer support is responsive and reliable as well. I appreciate that.+8
Transparent fees for copy trading. No hidden commissions or unclear calculations.+6
Daily free trading signals!+5
High level of customer support at all stages. In addition, a variety of tools and instruments.+2
1000+ instruments available for trading and investing is always a big plus+2
The withdrawals are impressively fast.+2
Lots of payment mechanisms and fast withdrawals.+2
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Huge selection of financial instruments. It seems to me that there are all existing ones here.+1
Great trading conditions. And this broker is also the most reliable one I know.+1
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Opportunity to copy trade; Reliable and responsive client support; Space for development as a professional due to the full-fledged trading academy.+1
The strongest advantage of the naga broker - opportunity to delve into investing and possibility to copy trade with very favorable conditions. Plus, the company's reliable leave no question either.+1
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They have a limited number of crypto coins, the nagacap feed seems a bit confusing.+8
I wish there were even more traders in the social trading network that I could choose from with even higher returns+5
The social trading platform needs more traders who are willing to take more risks and provide more significant returns.+3
Probably this diversification of all services into standalone websites and actually abundance of different tools may confuse a rookie. +1
Not the largest choice of deposit and withdrawal methods.+1
I think the account types are too many. They could be streamlined for a little more ease.+1
It was a bit difficult for me to sort things out on the platform, cuz the number of offered functions is immense. Yet, the quantity of account types is big too, be ready to waste some time choosing a best variant.+1
There are so many features it kinda clusters up the personal area.+1
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NAGA broker was founded in Frankfurt (Germany) back in 2015 as a FINTECH company that provides access to global markets using decentralized technologies.

NAGA offers classic trading and social trading with more than 750 instruments, including Forex and CFDs, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, indices and commodities, ETFs and futures, as well as real stocks without Commission using a single multi-currency account.

Regulation Of Naga

NAGA is a trademark of NAGA Group AG, a German FINTECH company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. NAGA is also supported by the Chinese FOSUN Foundation, which makes IT a reliable firm in all circumstances.

NAGA is an authorized broker with CySEC in Cyprus, which enables IT to serve clients from the EU in accordance with European MiFID and ESMA requirements. In addition, NAGA has a branch in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, through which it can provide online trading services to international clients.


Since NAGA is a European broker, according to ESMA restrictions, the maximum leverage for European traders is 1:30, while professionals can access higher coefficients after confirming their professional status. Leverage up to 1:1000 is available for international traders.

NAGA trading accounts

NAGA broker offers a single multi – currency account for all markets with 5 basic Fiat currencies to choose from-USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, CHF and a cryptocurrency account.

Trading platform

You can use the popular MetaTrader 4  trading platform and its newer version MetaTrader 5, as well as the company's own development – the NAGA web platform with mobile applications.

One of the main advantages of the NAGA offer is the possibility of social trading, i.e. automatic copying of the best traders ' trades.

Trading instrument

NAGA broker offers a wide range of Forex and CFD trading instruments, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, commodities and real stocks (not CFDs) without Commission. You can also find a similar offer from the eToro broker.

Moreover, the broker has its own cryptocurrency exchange NAGAX and cryptocurrency wallet.

Minimum deposit

Depending on the amount of funds in the account, you get the trader's level, bonuses and discounts on spreads and commissions. The minimum Deposit for the basic level of Iron Trader is$250.



In General, NAGA shows us a company that is based on strong technologies and developed trading innovations. Thus, when trading with NAGA, you will find huge investment opportunities, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, and social trading will help you achieve success.

It is important for us to know your personal opinion about this broker, you can also read the reviews of NAGA and see the rating of Forex brokers.

  • Year of foundation 2015
  • Head Office address Eurosure Tower, 3rdFloor, 2112 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. deposit $250
  • Regulation CySEC
  • Trading Platforms
  • Payment systems for input Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Neleller, FasaPay, Boleto, SOFORT, BitCoin
  • Payment systems for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Neleller, FasaPay, Boleto, SOFORT, BitCoin
  • Number of trading instruments 47
  • Number of CFD instruments 740
  • Number of futures 22
  • Number of metals 2
Show: All Neutral Positive Negative ones
Neutral feedback from Pasat Ahunai
I can tell you about my experience of funding my account with this broker. Such experience may be useful for those traders who are going to fund their accounts with this company.
I was given a choice of bank transfer or bank card (any payment systems). Unfortunately, there were no other options.
Transfer itself was almost instantaneous. And the best part is that broker didn't charge any commissions for it.
Positive feedback from Moises
Not many reviews about the excellent customer support from Naga.
For an advanced trading platform such as Naga, this aspect of customer service is highly important. An advanced and innovative platform means that many things need to be clarified for the customers in the process.
So yeah, whatever you may need to be clarified, you can just open the Chat button and talk with a real person.
The team is professional and helpful, and they respond immediately!
Positive feedback from Santiago
Naga has integrated tons of useful and helpful tools and features into its proprietary platform. Many tools that I used in my trading but I was accessing them from external websites now are just a click away on this platform.
Some of those tools are widely known and used, and some are unique and available only here, such as:
- all kinds of calculators
- calendars
- Market Buzz
- hot news
Positive feedback from Galdino Angelo
Demo account and free education will make me the coolest trader =)
And seriously, for me, who started trading only recently, it is quite difficult to learn something new in a completely new field of activity.
But thanks to th fact that this broker provided me with demo account where I can practice and get free education, I can feel how I'm gradually becoming more experienced.
I realize that such experience is not the same as real experience. But I am sure that I will be able to combine this knowledge and future real trading experience.
Positive feedback from Fermin Meraz
NAGA is an extraordinary broker for me. I used to work with 4-5 brokers at the same time, because the situation was that:

- I liked how one executed my trades but it did not have enough tools and live news feed services
- I liked how one gave me trading signals but they did not have any educational resources
- I liked how one treated me with customer support but they only had a webtrader and nothing else.

Well, I am now at NAGA and they have a great combination going on in terms of all the things I coiuld ask for from my broker.
Positive feedback from Lê Thanh Toàn
NAGA webinars are a real treasure trove for me! I owe much of my trading skills to them.
Positive feedback from Dieter
Okay, so I am an office guy, and it is imperative that I be able to trade with any chance that I get. The Naga platform gives me just that. I use the Naga proprietary platform for more functionality, as with it, I do not need anything else, while on the MT, I will have to access my dashboard separately. The Naga app is user-friendly and reliable, offering all of the instruments and tools I require. Whether I'm on break, or in transit, my daily commute, I can get things done easily.
Positive feedback from Diethelm
I really believe that Naga is among the industry leaders. Such companies push the forex market forward and give the right impression to the newcomers.
Positive feedback from Apichart Boripat
If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy brokerage company you must consider Naga broker.
Robust regulation, segregated accounts for their clients’ funds and most importantly - amazing trading infrastructure. It’s one of the most advanced brokers I have seen in the industry. Thanks to this infrastructure their platform’s performance is no match for the others. The execution happens in milliseconds, slippages are something from the past, and its loading speed is unbelievably fast. Moreover, the platform is stable. If you are into scalping or other forms of fast and frequent trading, it will be a perfect fit for you!
Positive feedback from Gregor Krämer
Their live webinars are on a whole new level. You cannot find this quality of information, clearity and level of content elsewhere.
Neutral feedback from Alex R
Why NAga? I would share two main reasons that made me think that this is the best brokerage company for me.
- Reliable and trustworthy - regulated and enjoys a high reputation among traders. Their professionality and adherence to transparency are commendable. I mean, you gotta trust the Germans when it comes to reliability, professionalism and discipline.
- Well-rounded - one of the most versatile brokers. You can trade, or you can even invest through their platform. If you are not an expert, don’t worry, they have one of the most advanced copy-trading platforms.
Positive feedback from Stiliano Barraco
I want to praise Naga client support. It may seem marginal for most of you, but I really think that it is something that needs to be mentioned.
First thing first they are online every day of the week which in and of itself is quite rare working hours for customer support of forex brokers.
They try so hard to give me proper assistance everytime I contact them. so I had to give them some credit.
Positive feedback from Vincent Pichler
Very very solid trading broker in general. And all the thighs nearby are also very decent. So NAGA made something like Apple made. If you enter there you have everything you need like trade and use your profits instantly. It fits me and a lot of traders worldwide. Because if you think about it, a really game changing idea and realization of that idea. Although Naga is offering one of the best trading conditions in the world. Like the commission, the spreads, the support all are beautiful and exceptional. Naga is my main broker and I could not imagine what I would be doing if there were no Naga.
Positive feedback from Szervac Molnar
For me one standout aspect is NAGA's visionary approach to social trading. It transforms the trading experience into a dynamic social community, where traders can connect, interact, and learn from each other. The platform becomes a hub of shared knowledge, pushing users to new heights of success. NAGA's dedication to innovation is remarkable. Its cutting-edge technology, such as the proprietary NAGA Trader, provides lightning-fast trade execution and an intuitive interface that even beginners can navigate easily. So do you need more?
Positive feedback from Fernando
Naga is solid. Has a lot of advantages towards competitors. For sure it's only a pleasure using naga as the main trading platform. Everything that is vital for traders is included as a top priority there. I vote for them!
Positive feedback from Gabriel
I typically don't write reviews, but I felt the need to express my satisfaction with NAGA's services. Over time, I have engaged in trading with them and witnessed their continual improvement.
It is noteworthy that this company remains dynamic by expanding its offerings. What impresses me most is that they are not simply copying services from other leading brokers; instead, they genuinely innovate new features such as the Naga Pay app and real stocks integration.
I commend Naga for their dedication and urge them to keep up the excellent work!
Positive feedback from Giang
One thing I really appreciate about NAGA is their transparent fee structure. Unlike other trading platforms, there are no hidden fees or surprises, and I know exactly what I'm paying for. It's reassuring to know that I'm not going to get hit with unexpected charges.
Neutral feedback from Gabriel M.
I heard about NAGA from my European friends who are obsessed with security and regulation. NAGA ideally fit their framework and what they wanted to see in a broker. My priorities are high quality service and fast execution of my trades. And I am pleased to say it checked my boxes with the assets and the great copytrading service here.
Neutral feedback from Santiago C
I wouldn’t claim that Naga has the lowest minimum deposit requirement of all. Yet we have to consider other factors not just solely minimum depo.
Because if the conditions are awesome and execution leads straight to the interbank market then I am ready to pay the higher price for that.
And considering all this Naga has an attractive min depo among the competitors.
Neutral feedback from Maarten Schouten
If you already know about this platform, you know what you can do with it. If you haven't registered and tried out yet, you probably don't know what you are missing out. One of the unique places where you can geniunely make money. They have developed systems and professionally designed venues and platforms, both software-wise and browser-based. You get a good support from their client representatives. I would say it is a solid choice that you cannot go wrong with for forex trading, and many other instruments out there.
Positive feedback from Carlos O.
If one of my friends asked me to recommend a company where he could open a trading account and not worry about anything, I would recommend this company without a doubt.
Positive feedback from Thijn
It is truly remarkable that with just a mere deposit of $250 for a real account, you can gain unfettered access to the sophisticated and cutting-edge platform as NAGA.
The implications of such an incredible opportunity cannot be overstated — it opens up a world of possibilities for traders, investors, and anyone interested in taking advantage of all this revolutionary platform offers.
With its advanced features and unparalleled functionality, NAGA represents nothing less than the future of online trading.
Positive feedback from Alfredo C.
I'm really impressed with the trading conditions on NAGA. The spreads are tight and the execution is lightning fast.
Positive feedback from Josep
This company can be characterized by a couple of words - performance and advancement.
The latter means it fully responds modern challenges and requirements on the market. Traders are hungry for all this fancy, "modern" stuff. I judge by myself, so brokers must provide advanced instruments for chart analysis, for news checking, for algo trading and so on. I found everything here and that's the primary reason why I decided not to leapfrog from one broker to another. I thought it's the best time to stop this senseless wandering.
Positive feedback from Ernest Laskowski
The broker Naga offers copy trading capabilities to its clients. You can also make extra money from being a successful trader and having people copy you. The broker just offers its clients so much and I appreciate the effort.
Positive feedback from juan Montero
For me, one of the main criteria in choosing a broker is its reliability.
I am horrified by the thought that something could happen to my money.
That's why I trusted this company. Apparently this broker has excellent measures to protect customer funds.
Positive feedback from Finn Weiss
The possibility of investing in real stocks is what I see for the first time in my practice.
With this feature of the broker you get the versatility that you don’t get at any other broker. Imagine investing in shares and getting dividends for it. so cool!
Neutral feedback from Oskar Szymczak
Naga is a robust all-in-one platform that is friendly and accessible to everyone. However, the fees may be slightly higher compared to some other platforms. Even so, if you are looking for a comprehensive platform and are okay with paying a bit extra, Naga wouldn't be the wrong choice.
Positive feedback from Morris van Leeuwen
As the owner of an IRON account I can confirm that the minimum deposit size is really only $250. I'm sure it's a small amount to start trading.