Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Trading platform MT4, MT5
Regulation CySEC, УЦРФИН, ЦБ РФ, АФД
Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
Seminars and training
Daily analyst
Copy trades
Trust management
Interest on the balance of
Telephone trading
Wide selection of trading instruments
Round the clock technical support+13
Free Analytics and training+12
Convenient withdrawal+8
The presence of physical offices+8
Help to master the platform MT 4+7
The best news among brokers+6
Add advantage
High spread+15
High minimum Deposit+9
Low leverage up to 1:100+3
High spread +3
Do not open accounts by minors+1
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Group of companies TeleTrade was founded in 1994. It includes 26 companies worldwide under one brand TeleTrade, they provide professional services for trading financial instruments for individuals. In EU countries the company is represented by the broker TeleTrade DJ International Consulting Ltd is licensed by the Cyprus Commission CySEC.

The trading conditions of the broker TeleTrade DJ LTD

  • 2 trading accounts (Standard and Professional);
  • 58 currency pairs, 12 CFDs on metals, 9 CFD on indices, 3 CFDs on commodities (oil), 89 CFD's, 9 CFD on ETF, CFD on 18 cryptocurrency;
  • a narrow spread is from 0.8 points;
  • leverage up to 1:200;
  • allowed scalping, hedging, news trading;
  • trade on the MT4 and MT5 terminals;
  • no Deposit bonus;
  • VIP status for customers with a Deposit of$ 50,000 (personal Manager, a cumulative bonus of 24% per year Cash back from 10%, compensation of negative swaps, the payment of commissions on Deposit, free training);
  • copy trades of traders "Simultaneous trade" and the PAMM-accounts service "Exchange traders";
  • daily analysis and video highlights;
  • vocational training in the company's offices and remotely;
  • hour technical support.


Group of companies TeleTrade is rich in history, it is on the market for over 23 years, has a CySEC license to trade in the EU and licensed by the CBR to trade in Russia. TeleTrade DJ LTD has the best trading conditions and a huge range of financial instruments. We recommend you to see the real reviews Broker from traders from the broker.

  • The year of Foundation 1994
  • Head office address Cedar Hill Crest, PO Box 1825, Villa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Maximum leverage 1:100
  • Min. Deposit $1000
  • Regulation CySEC, УЦРФИН, ЦБ РФ, АФД
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Number of trading instruments 58
  • The number of CFD instruments 128
  • The number of metals 12
  • Professional
  • Standard
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Positive feedback from AntoN Opinion translated automatically
No one else from the brokers who only Broker I really saw full fledged service support round the clock. I like to trade on the Asian session, we have the end of the night, early morning and all other companies at this time, the sleeping support successfully and to communicate with the robots on "later". And there are always responded immediately and provided real help.
Neutral feedback from Кром Opinion translated automatically
In my opinion the whole license are greatly exaggerated. Of course, better with her than without her. but life does not stop. Not to say, and the Broker was and still is one of the best brokers where do not have to worry about the safety of their money. 24 years of work is confirmed. Yes, Teletrade-groups while work was suspended, but international-the company worked and works, the one which has set high standards of customer service. He is now in her trade, so I would say that the conditions here are even better than in the Russian "daughter" of the license.
Positive feedback from Дмитрий Opinion translated automatically
To say I'm surprised by the decision of the Central Bank to revoke the licenses of all the leading brokers, is to say nothing. He just Teletrade traded, and the availability of licenses they have for me once was not. Claims against the company not had, but still, to know that the local registration and license is soothed. And now the state is again all traders forced gray to work through foreign registration. All get worse, and people because now fewer guarantees and certainty, and to the state that the tax revenues lost.
Neutral feedback from Боб Opinion translated automatically
Like other traders I want to praise the trading platform of the Broker. Execution is fast. No re-quotes or minimum depending on the type of account. Particularly well made sure of this when he began to experiment with scalping. Scalping and teleradiology terminal compatible with each other. Which is a rarity in the market. And all of their quotes I like. Never any doubt that they have something left.
Neutral feedback from Iskander Opinion translated automatically
Issues either with the conclusion or execution of a Coincidence there. Both works quickly, without delays and failures. This is important. but there are other advantages. For example, that do not charge a fee when they enter and deduce money. Once this will seem a trifle, if you count how many per year is saved, once you start to appreciate this feature of the Broker.
Positive feedback from Николай Opinion translated automatically
When started only on Forex about 4 years ago, it was difficult to choose broker. They all had their pros and cons. To choose a Broker, you still dare had, and a couple of thousands of green somewhere to find. Now, please, it's simple. The most traded currency pairs disadvantages lost, leaving only the advantages. and cons how big the spread is large, the entry threshold in the past.
Neutral feedback from Виталий Opinion translated automatically
In November, the Broker said 24th birthday, and I take have been working together for 7 years. I remember when labour had collected then is required at least 2 thousand dollars to keep the account open. And now envy the current players, who open and can start trading with any amount. Yes, the broker has changed for the better since that time.
Positive feedback from Стас Opinion translated automatically
Remember how before the traders were asleep Teletrade requests to simplify trading conditions and make them more accessible. And that moment has come. Conditions now are really tasty. You can open an account with any money, there was trade with parts of lot, so no claims they have added a plus as accessibility. He, too, had then not sold, because more than a cent piece is not attracted. Now switched a Coincidence and say that the execution here is really ruleznogo. Pleasure to work with.
Positive feedback from Всеволод Opinion translated automatically
It finally came and Teletrade became accessible broker to everyone. And before some of the tension was when I learned from them during the training. Taught all who wished, and the expense to open then not everyone could. We have eight people, only I and three immediately began to trade and half to a cent brokers have moved. Now made conditions for entering the market is better and available for all who want to engage in trading. Cool.
Positive feedback from Rokker Opinion translated automatically
Digging, which can and should work. And as the Forex broker they are good, and as an educational consulting company too. As the broker they are very profitable and simple conditions for cooperation and open an account. To start trading rather any amount. For opening the account and each Deposit is a good bonus. Performance - what is necessary. nothing hangs, no brakes. Plus, you learn how to trade, who should be on courses and advice on trade and investment will provide all who need it.
Neutral feedback from Мачо Opinion translated automatically
Learned trade with different brokers and found out that a coincidence they are the most safe. Transactions can be between 0, 01 lot to spend, leverage 50 at the start, what exactly will save the expense of a newbie. Well, if experience of more, then the shoulder can be freely increased. If different services of the broker to use such as news, analysis, signals it is possible to gain experience on real account to earn and not to bathe, that merge.
Neutral feedback from Мisha Opinion translated automatically
Trading in several companies at once. It was five years ago. Was looking for a better broker. And as it turned out, the broker is learned during the sustainable trend and the various currency crises, such as the ruble in 2014, or when the Swiss growth. I Teletreyd good money, and other brokers, where was the account opened, stupidly stopped trade with these pairs of currencies. That's when I began to respect the Request even more.
Negative feedback from Пинчук Александр Павлович Opinion translated automatically
Me when learning the basics of trading in Sterlitamak got a mentor rascal Ilmarin Pavel Sergeevich. Firstly, when you Deposit the money into my account used my card on which to put my money 400 000 and sent at the expense of $ 1,300, kotrye at that time was worth 57 p. 1S. The difference in the 1300's left on the card and explained to me that he put in the reserve Fund, which fall in the account after 200 trades worked. And still framed me, a novice trader that put my asset in two days! 5700 S! !!!
Positive feedback from Александр Opinion translated automatically
Did not expect that this broker to decide on such steps, but they did it. So I go back and again open their account. And that was the case, traded with this broker, but many of money to put on Deposit was not. Yeah, actually I made something, but sometimes one mistake and the profit is melted, start again. And due to the fact that the Deposit was small, and the minimum volume is not less than the lot, trade was risky. So I switched to a cent broker because such accounts have the beginner and I was not. Now, the deal size was reduced to 0.01 lot and account can be any size. It's cool, because that's good execution in teletreyd, I haven't seen anywhere else. And now we can trade here with micro lots, but with a good performance.
Positive feedback from Лилу Opinion translated automatically
Chose to open a basic account with this company because the Broker is the only broker about whom you can say – solid. History already since 1994. Remember where you were in those years. But the Broker was already working with Forex. I am very impressed. And afford, so they can perfect the buns to the customers. For example, free education for everyone in each office. And offices in these countries have more than any other company. Praising them here not just. Already have trading experience here and with other brokers too. The best execution of orders, than the Broker I met. Very fast and reliable terminal. And this is the main technical tool for earnings. And problems with withdrawal, too, was never. So calmly continue to work with them.
Neutral feedback from MSk Opinion translated automatically
I do not understand those who writes in otzivy that this broker kitchen. If not a fraud. People are just not oriented in the issue and don't know how it all really is. The company has a license of the European Union and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the permission to work in Belarus. Quotes from one of the world's best suppliers of Thompson Reuters. Neither the government nor partners with shady companies cases have not led. I'm not talking that this Broker sponsor club Burnley of the English Premier League football. All this suggests very high reliability. The right would have one thing, but when so many evidences of high-level from different countries, all going in a very good picture.
Positive feedback from Coppola Opinion translated automatically
Here great analyst. And Teletrade in this case succeeded. Like all happens: first, the bumps fill, and then light thoughts come to mind. Now correct your mistakes and always use Analytics Teletrade, and the results were good.
Positive feedback from Кишан Opinion translated automatically

Classic trading withdrawals without nerves + fair quotes. In principle, if you say one word - terms of trading chic:
spread small Commission. The choice of tools dostarczone wide:gold, oil, metals and crypto-currencies in the various tools.
Accounts can be opened in different currencies. I have in dollars. Teletrade offers a huge quantity of intelligence and signals
perhaps sometimes hard to digest. But trying to grasp and read or listen to, and advovate under the circumstances.
Sometimes they sell on robots, eases mental stress and frees up time. Prefer to trade a small lot, but out of profit consistently.
It's better than vlozhitsya steep and drained
Positive feedback from luckyfx Opinion translated automatically
Keep your pocket wider or tune in to the success, only with this approach that I can characterize your broker. For Forex to have such a broker, just one happiness. I've seen different situations in different companies and honestly didn't think that everything here goes well. All works in time, no delays, payments are guaranteed, the freshest news, good and functional private office. To a greater extent happy than sad and I love it.
Positive feedback from Иван Opinion translated automatically
A Coincidence is very good trading conditions. Clearly that the broker earned its name antlers and its approach to business. All you can safely handle yourself and personal account open and withdraw money literally steps are painted, and on deals execution just fine, this is the rhythm ,which should match the running broker. While not bad, it works up to its promises.
Positive feedback from Анто Роз Opinion translated automatically
In fact, brokers are different and in this case, my opinion of this Broker is positive. And honestly, why pour a dirt, if I was happy with everything. And who wants to read the negative, do not worry, there are people who only work in the joy.
Negative feedback from Аят Opinion translated automatically
Too big spreads reading and orders are executed not during especially important when you start trading ( Novosti ,etc), these phenomena were seen not just once
Positive feedback from Виталий Кушнеров Opinion translated automatically
All want to earn money from fores, but few dare. For myself I have found a suitable broker is a leader among Forex brokers with many years of experience and a good reputation. My cooperation with Teletrade will make me happy and reasons to doubt the honesty of the broker, has not yet occurred.
Positive feedback from Анжелика Анатольевна Opinion translated automatically
My first acquaintance with trading took place on a course in Teletrade. In this period, sought to increase their income. Courses are organized at the highest level: accessible, understandable, practical. Practice on demo under the guidance of experts is very important in learning. Didn't even notice that there was a passion to trade. Now trading on a real account. A small income is already there. here I'm going to use soon)
Neutral feedback from Виктор Opinion translated automatically
Trade with the trend, has its own waste strategy. Earning possible. The broker is fine with me, especially because the output is always stable in time.
Positive feedback from Антон Opinion translated automatically
In short, the broker I chose, is not ashamed for other people to tell. Because this Broker really broker with a capital letter and enjoys a solid popularity in the trading community. I would recommend.
Positive feedback from badboy Opinion translated automatically
During the trade no hint of deception. Positive: gives real quotes, platform was not stable, payouts no delays render all in full.
Neutral feedback from Руслана Opinion translated automatically
Six months ago, came to trade in this Broker. I decided to change the broker, after numerous failures . Because the experience of trading was already narabotan, I did not hesitate and immediately began to sell. Liked the site , Analytics, signals weight at the proper level.
Neutral feedback from Брыль Opinion translated automatically
Recently opened my first real account in Teletrade and realized: I am not a sausage from doubt that I will turn the finger around. A sense of confidence and reliability in the correctness of his choice. Here is a smart and not so hard. Trade is back to normal, and personal Manager,as a crib, always at hand.
Neutral feedback from Сеня Opinion translated automatically
How not cool, and profit, for the most part, still dependent on my actions in the trading account. Therefore, if a minus leave, you are to blame. As the saying goes: Greed fraera ruined. And TT works easily. As part of the performance, like everything else, no complaints. High level-high level of service. In General, the broker does its job well. Personally, I can't complain.