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Recently the Internet began to meet more often such user requests as "fraud TeleTrade", "Teletrade does not take money" and "online Scam". This means that the financial literacy of Russian traders increases, and they become interested in what is the broker before he can register. But what caused this kind of queries? Of course, we all know that can not exist consensus on the honesty of brokers, there are both positive and negative reviews. If positive reviews of the brokers as a whole outweigh the negative reviews, it is possible to speak about high reliability of the brokerage company. If negative reviews are more positive, then you need to think a hundred times before you register with the broker. Sometimes the number of positive and negative feedback is about on the same level. What can it assign? We all understand that Forex trading involves a high risk, some win, others lose, not calculating their forces, hence there are various reviews. However, none of the Russian broker, with the exception of a group MMCIS, Panteon Finance, and FX-Trend, there were not so many charges from the victims in relation to "the Teletrade Group", and is also not carried out searches in the offices of the company, as it was in the summer of 2016. This is despite the fact that TeleTrade one of the first to receive a license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on realization of activity on the territory of Russia as a Forex dealer. We decided to test all known facts and make their own independent investigation to find out actually TeleTrade scammers, and we have before us another Ponzi scheme, or is it the machinations of rivals and antifermion. For a start I will do a quick review of Teletrade, to have a General idea about the company, and then move on to checking the facts.

History Teletreyd

TeleTrade (Teletrade) was foundedavana in 1994, when Russia began to form as the Forex market (for comparison, one of the largest Russian brokers Alpari was founded in 1998 alone). With the development of Internet technologies it became possible to provide services for trading derivative financial instruments for private clients around the world. Because in Russia at that time there was no regulation of Forex brokers, it is the largest company independently organize independent associations of professional market participants. It was created for the PARTNERSHIP (now NAFD) in Russia and UCRFIN Ukraine, participant of which was the problem today but they did not bring much benefit due to lack of legal framework and authority to implement disciplinary sanctions in case of violations. All limited to verbal warning, and besides, the founders of such organizations were the representatives of brokerage firms, including Broker. Could not they themselves be punished. Most likely, these companies were organized to create the impression that the Russian financial market is regulated as well to prevent foreign competitors.

In 2011, the broker creates a company TeleTrade TeleTrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd registered in offshore zone in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and operating in compliance with the license by the Cypriot regulator CySEC. In Russia TeleTrade presented in the face of the company "Teletrade Group", which may 12, 2016 has received the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, but later joined the SRO "Association of Forex dealers" (AFD). At the moment, OOO "Broker Group" still does not officially carry out their activities on the territory of Russia, as yet not developed and not approved by the Bank of Russia internal standards of the company and not signed new contracts with customers. Therefore, the Russian traders, who are clients of Teletrade, continue to work with TeleTrade DJ Ltd, and only after will be settled all the legal details, they will be automatically translated in the company "Teletrade Group", but this will not happen before 2017.

Now broker company TeleTrade one of the three largest Russian brokers, has offices in 26 countries and also has the most extensive regional partner network – offices of TeleTrade are presented in 124 cities of Russia.

What services TeleTrade provides its clients?

In accordance with the information provided on the website of TeleTrade, the company offers the following services and trading conditions:

  • trade on Forex and CFDs.
  • two types of trading accounts for traders: Standard with fixed spread and Professional with a market spread;
  • high speed of orders execution;
  • the minimum number of requotes and slippages;
  • free TeleTrade Analytics from the leading experts;
  • bonuses for funding the account and the possibility of receiving no Deposit bonus.
  • individual conditions for VIP clients with deposits from $ 50,000 and above;
  • copy trades of experienced traders through a system of "Master-invest";
  • managed account with professional trader from the Broker of the project "Exchange traders";
  • convenient economic calendar Teletrade;
  • learning Forex trading;
  • round the clock technical support.

Judging by the numerous customer reviews Teletrade, the biggest advantage of the company is holding training courses. TeleTrade training can take place remotely (via Skype) or in the offices of the company. In GK "Teletrade" has been for many years the best teaching professionals Forex. You can get not only superficial theoretical knowledge, but also to undergo in-depth training for advanced traders. In the latter case, the training is paid and can be held in person in groups or individually with the teacherM. But the knowledge obtained through this training are much higher than independent learning. However, based on the same feedback from clients of the company Teletrade, to open an account with the broker after training is not recommended. Yes, the knowledge base TeleTrade is at a high level, but the proposed trading conditions are among the worst among all the brokers presented on the Russian market:

  • the minimum Deposit is $ 1 000;
  • maximum leverage – 1:100;
  • minimum order is 1 lot;
  • the highest spread (from 3 pips for EURUSD);
  • withdrawal up to 7 business days.

Agree, not everyone can afford a Deposit of $ 1 000 and the more open trades on a lot, and with such little leverage, it will require a Deposit of at least $ 10,000. That is one reason why many novice traders poured their deposits, barely starting the trade in the company Teletrade.

The reason for the searches of the offices of TeleTrade in the summer of 2016?

Let's restore the whole sequence of events. 7 June 2016, interior Ministry officials raided the offices of the financial company TeleTrade, the audits were analyzed for terminal operations and interviewed employees. The reason for the search was a criminal case under article "fraud in especially large sizes" upon one of the partners of the company Teletrade, located in Samara, namely LLC "Consulting center". According to reports, the Ministry of interior the total damage from the fraud amounted to several hundred million rubles. Criminals under the guise of a Forex-dealer fraudulently attracted funds of citizens of the Russian Federation and poured their deposits, manipulating market prices and then withdraw their money to the accounts of offshore banks.

As explained by Dmitry drigailo, Vice President of TeleTrade, regional partners are independent legalcal persons and any relation to the company "Teletrade Group" do not have. Moreover, they only provide information, consulting and training services. However, a natural question arises: "How the regional office used the brand TeleTrade registered customers from their faces, took their money and traded in Forex?". As it turned out later, a regional partner of behalf of an offshore company TeleTrade-DJ Ltd. Besides, Andrey Rybin, General Director of "Teletrade Group" said that since the company "Teletrade Group" it does not conduct its activities on the territory of Russia and does not attract customers as it has not fulfilled all the conditions the Bank of Russia, therefore cannot be involved in fraudulent transactions. And at the same time Vice-President of TeleTrade Dmitry drygajlo reports that after the searches, "the company operates in normal mode, and all transactions with customers are carried out". So who then is right, the CEO or Vice-President? The answer is obvious, yet not fulfilled the Bank of Russia, the broker carries out operations through TeleTrade-DJ Ltd, the same one that was involved in the theft of several hundred million rubles. Moreover, the Broker does not hide, go to their website and read a contract, everything is written.

And in confirmation of our words in July 2016 was initiated another criminal case for fraud, this time in relation to regional partner Teletrade in Kurgan – "Analytical center ... ... Hereford", who acted also on behalf of TeleTrade-DJ Ltd. And such examples can cause a lot. We don't know if proven guilty of the group of companies "Teletrade". Most likely, will not, or hurt the reputation of the Bank of Russia, as he issued a license to fraud. It remains only to make their own conclusions and always have a critical approach to the selection of the broker, analyzing all sources of information, including reviews of the traders and brokers, before how to register the account. And you don't stay aside, if you are aware of any information about the work of brokers, write reviews on Oanda and share your experiences. Together with you we will create a honest binary option brokers!

  • The year of Foundation 1994
  • Head office address Cedar Hill Crest, PO Box 1825, Villa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Maximum leverage 1:100
  • Min. Deposit $1000
  • Regulation CySEC, КРОУФР, УЦРФИН, ЦБ РФ, АФД
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI
  • Number of trading instruments 48
  • The number of CFD instruments 62
  • The number of metals 5
  • Professional
  • Standard
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Positive feedback from Кишан Opinion translated automatically

Classic trading withdrawals without nerves + fair quotes. In principle, if you say one word - terms of trading chic:
spread small Commission. The choice of tools dostarczone wide:gold, oil, metals and crypto-currencies in the various tools.
Accounts can be opened in different currencies. I have in dollars. Teletrade offers a huge quantity of intelligence and signals
perhaps sometimes hard to digest. But trying to grasp and read or listen to, and advovate under the circumstances.
Sometimes they sell on robots, eases mental stress and frees up time. Prefer to trade a small lot, but out of profit consistently.
It's better than vlozhitsya steep and drained
Positive feedback from luckyfx Opinion translated automatically
Keep your pocket wider or tune in to the success, only with this approach that I can characterize your broker. For Forex to have such a broker, just one happiness. I've seen different situations in different companies and honestly didn't think that everything here goes well. All works in time, no delays, payments are guaranteed, the freshest news, good and functional private office. To a greater extent happy than sad and I love it.
Positive feedback from Иван Opinion translated automatically
A Coincidence is very good trading conditions. Clearly that the broker earned its name antlers and its approach to business. All you can safely handle yourself and personal account open and withdraw money literally steps are painted, and on deals execution just fine, this is the rhythm ,which should match the running broker. While not bad, it works up to its promises.
Positive feedback from Анто Роз Opinion translated automatically
In fact, brokers are different and in this case, my opinion of this Broker is positive. And honestly, why pour a dirt, if I was happy with everything. And who wants to read the negative, do not worry, there are people who only work in the joy.
Negative feedback from Аят Opinion translated automatically
Too big spreads reading and orders are executed not during especially important when you start trading ( Novosti ,etc), these phenomena were seen not just once
Positive feedback from Виталий Кушнеров Opinion translated automatically
All want to earn money from fores, but few dare. For myself I have found a suitable broker is a leader among Forex brokers with many years of experience and a good reputation. My cooperation with Teletrade will make me happy and reasons to doubt the honesty of the broker, has not yet occurred.
Positive feedback from Анжелика Анатольевна Opinion translated automatically
My first acquaintance with trading took place on a course in Teletrade. In this period, sought to increase their income. Courses are organized at the highest level: accessible, understandable, practical. Practice on demo under the guidance of experts is very important in learning. Didn't even notice that there was a passion to trade. Now trading on a real account. A small income is already there. here I'm going to use soon)
Neutral feedback from Виктор Opinion translated automatically
Trade with the trend, has its own waste strategy. Earning possible. The broker is fine with me, especially because the output is always stable in time.
Positive feedback from Антон Opinion translated automatically
In short, the broker I chose, is not ashamed for other people to tell. Because this Broker really broker with a capital letter and enjoys a solid popularity in the trading community. I would recommend.
Positive feedback from badboy Opinion translated automatically
During the trade no hint of deception. Positive: gives real quotes, platform was not stable, payouts no delays render all in full.
Neutral feedback from Руслана Opinion translated automatically
Six months ago, came to trade in this Broker. I decided to change the broker, after numerous failures . Because the experience of trading was already narabotan, I did not hesitate and immediately began to sell. Liked the site , Analytics, signals weight at the proper level.
Neutral feedback from Брыль Opinion translated automatically
Recently opened my first real account in Teletrade and realized: I am not a sausage from doubt that I will turn the finger around. A sense of confidence and reliability in the correctness of his choice. Here is a smart and not so hard. Trade is back to normal, and personal Manager,as a crib, always at hand.
Neutral feedback from Сеня Opinion translated automatically
How not cool, and profit, for the most part, still dependent on my actions in the trading account. Therefore, if a minus leave, you are to blame. As the saying goes: Greed fraera ruined. And TT works easily. As part of the performance, like everything else, no complaints. High level-high level of service. In General, the broker does its job well. Personally, I can't complain.
Positive feedback from Babylla Opinion translated automatically
Work well, nothing to say. Technical problems have not yet encountered , no lockups. Just scoring Analytics, provide real profumi, really helps to close profitable deals. The money is withdrawn, the nose does not twist. In principle satisfied
Negative feedback from Андрей Opinion translated automatically
The Teletrade teach unqualified personnel! Their exchange advising traders you can come across both beginners and knowledgeable people. One of my first trades were unprofitable from the fact that "successful" teacher is the trader simply forgot (!) to mention the concepts of stop loss and take profit. More with this broker I don't work.
Positive feedback from Саша Opinion translated automatically
Forex is definitely not a game. You need to come here, all is well and good deliberation, then not to blame their financial losses of others. I trade in this Broker and everyone is satisfied in full. So far, no unpleasant moments or surprises from the company noted. Trade is not always all folding is good, but it's petty mistakes of my carelessness, no other reason. Conclusion money is a very convenient, simple, and, of course, stable.
Positive feedback from Виктор Opinion translated automatically
A good broker, not lying on the road. Only experienced personally, in my experience, everything becomes clear and you can make a choice:we can continue to trade or it is not yours. I all worked out with the Broker. To this I came after a year of trading on the exchange. Now, I understand the essence of this case and learned along with this broker to earn.
Positive feedback from Kardio Opinion translated automatically
Went to the Broker from the previous broker. There are tired to prove to support its case about the glitches of the trading platform. As a Coincidence I do not know what a support, because everything works perfectly and there contact no. but I think, once the terminal works perfectly, then support at height.
Negative feedback from Миша Opinion translated automatically
Totally agree with the previous commenter, broker TeleTrade is very convenient economic calendar, I always use them myself, but otherwise this DTS is no longer any pros. It's a machine for stretching your money. But as soon as you want to get them back, the company will come up with a thousand reasons to deny your withdrawal. I advise everyone to stay away from this broker!
Negative feedback from Нина Opinion translated automatically
Not an objective approach to the perception of feedback.Just wanted to add a DRAWBACK-does not accept,and positive adopted( and added to test loyalty,really do not fully,as it should). So the POSITIVE REVIEWS AND the BENEFITS are GREATLY EXAGGERATED!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive feedback from memfis Opinion translated automatically
I them economic calendar like information rife, always watching for updates, for me, is a tremendous aid for trade.
Positive feedback from лексофф Opinion translated automatically
Yes, all normul. A good broker and quality service . As and all have their advantages and disadvantages, you can trade and have more profit. and display - output, so all gut)
Positive feedback from Worin Opinion translated automatically
There are failures, but in General work a plus. One of the schools does not happen)) I)) make the Conclusion very quickly and there are a lot of ways.
Positive feedback from Longin Opinion translated automatically
With Teletreyd only trade sitting at home, no problems that need somewhere to go and in a hurry. I really earn on a proven trading platform that is not buggy and surprises. The output is organized on top and always on time. Here I make a small profit and positive emotions.
Positive feedback from Prometey Opinion translated automatically
Decent company. Trade seven months, the quality of satisfied. In particular, you can earn. Designed to work with the managers good. Yes, withdrawal.
Positive feedback from Анатоль Opinion translated automatically
Of all the Russian brokers the Broker is the safest. There is minimal risk of losing the whole Deposit, because of the well-built trading conditions. They protect the trader from too risky and hasty transactions. This is about the minimum volume of transactions and the size of leverage.
Positive feedback from Анастасия Opinion translated automatically
I don't understand why here in General is written about the minimum Deposit. Well, no it! Yes, you will not enter into a transaction whole amount if you have less than a thousand, but to the and fractional lot. It is clear that many so not will gain. for example! As I was advised by my Manager (thank her from me is huge). I started with 500дол., it is clear that the amount is small, so to dig, I was dealing with a master of invest and a little less than 100дол. in a month, I got to 1200, there just is percent copy more, the rate of increase is also more, that's all. But as I am generally interested in, I went to school traders (this is paid training). There is really pretty. Training was conducted by analyst Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev not name:D), traded with him during class, so the school itself paid off for me quite quickly, to the middle classes for sure. And the knowledge you pour so that the mother beware)))
Negative feedback from Евгений Opinion translated automatically
I have a question to the representatives of the Bank of Russia. As these scammers from Teletrade received the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation? They should be close, and you give them the nod. So they under the guise of "honest" the broker lied to more people? Yes this is the most usual financial pyramid. They lure people, promising them sky-high interest rates, and then drained of their money, pocketing themselves and stop communicating. So I just lost 50 thousand dollars for a few days, gave in trust to the trader, which had been touted to me in the office. But now openly rude to me and take off when I call them. And I like hundreds of people. I thought that the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has at least some weight, and it turned out it was just a piece of paper. You are as corrupt as TeleTrade, probably also to share with them. Who paid more and got the license of Bank of Russia. Normal brokers do not want to bribe them to the blacklist. My advice is do not trade with Russian \"kitchen\", it is better to work with proven European brokers with a normal license.
Negative feedback from Николаевич Opinion translated automatically
complete garbage I can.
Negative feedback from Никита Opinion translated automatically
In June of this year I became a client of the Broker. To trust that broker, I decided when I found out that he was licensed Forex dealer of the Bank of Russia. But now I understand that the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not play a role when choosing a broker, because the Broker screwed me over 30 thousand dollars. But about all under the order. First, my mobile phone started calling the girl, she touted this Broker, how good they are and was licensed one of the first. At first I ignored the calls, but then I got curious and I visited their office, which told me to trade I don't need, I will make them a professional trader. In the end, I opened an account with this company and joined him for 10 thousand dollars. For the month of trading account was increased to 17.5 thousand dollars. I threw him 20 thousand dollars, and by September my account was already 65 thousand dollars. But when I decided to withdraw some funds, he found that the balance is zero. An attempt to contact the Manager of my account has not brought results, in addition to the Request stated that employees with the same name they have never worked. I don't know how to get your money back!