Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Trading platform MT4, cTrader, MT5
Regulation CySEC, ICF, BVIFSC
Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Skrill, Webmoney, QIWI, NETELLER, Монета.Ру, Payoneer, DIXIPAY, OKPAY, Safecharge, RegularPay
Seminars and training
Daily analyst
PAMM service
Trust management
Islamic accounts
Telephone trading
Wide selection of trading instruments
Scalping is allowed+3
You can trade stocks on the us stock market+3
There are cent accounts+3
Over 60 currency pairs to trade+2
Can pass free training of trading on Forex+2
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The penalty for early withdrawal of funds from the PAMM-account+10
Intermittently trading platform out do not work pending orders+6
Minimum Deposit $ 300+5
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FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is an international group of companies founded in 1998, which was one of the first to use the services in marginal Internet trading. The main office is located in Vienna (Austria), as well as FIBOGroup has offices in Limassol (Cyprus), Munich (Germany), Shanghai, Singapore and other countries. Currently, the company FIBO Group offers the following trading conditions and services:

  • trade on Forex (60 currency pairs, metals, CFDs, futures, stocks and bonds);
  • trading platforms MT4, MT5 and cTrader;
  • low spreads;
  • leverage up to 1:1000;
  • there is the opportunity to trade on cent accounts, accounts with fixed and floating spreads and NDD accounts;
  • the minimum Deposit for cent accounts – $ 0, for classic and NDD accounts- $ 300 for the MT5 NDD accounts is $ 500;
  • the presence of Islamic accounts;
  • The PAMM service for managers and investors;
  • copying trades traders in the MT4 and MT5 terminals;
  • trust management;
  • analysis and forecasts from the leading experts of FIBO Group;
  • the annual contest "Trader's Triple Chase", the winner of which gets $ 25,000 on the PAMM-account;
  • fast Deposit and withdrawal;
  • round the clock technical support;
  • training and daily Forex webinars;
  • affiliate program.

Regulation of FIBO Group

Group of companies is represented by two FIBO Group broker: FIBO Group LTD to the jurisdiction of the British virgin Islands, FIBO Group Holdings Limited with jurisdiction in Cyprus. FIBO Group LTD is under the supervision of the financial services Commission BVIFSC (license SIBA/L/14/1063). FIBO Group Holdings Limited is regulated by Cyprus Commission CySEC (license # 118/10) and is part of the Cyprus investors compensation Fund (ICF). In addition, FIBO Group Holdings Limited is registered in the FCA (UK) under number 532885, BaFin (Germany) under the number 124031, and operates in accordance with the European Directive MiFID. We have not found confirmation on the official website of FIBO Group in the form of scans of the FCA and BaFin licenses, while for the shared access provided by the BVIFSC license and CySEC. On the websites of regulators FCA and BaFin stated that their licenses to operate FIBO Group limited, as the company is regulated in a different economic zone (in Cyprus), so we did not take them into account in the ranking of FIBO Group. Advantages of FIBO Group broker is that the client can choose in which jurisdiction it wishes to register. To do this, at the top of the main page of the website of FIBO Group select GLOBAL to go to the jurisdiction of the British virgin Islands, or EUROPE for transfer to the jurisdiction of Cyprus. Please note that the transition between jurisdictions can change account types and trading conditions.

The PAMM service of FIBO Group

The PAMM service allows experienced traders to manage investor funds in one account, in exchange for remuneration, and investors to earn additional income without having to trade. For this, the Manager need to open a PAMM-account on FIBO Group Deposit of $ 300, to complete the offer and started trading with a regular account. The investor needs to choose one or several traders are showing a stable manufacturing without a strong subsidence, invest in them your money from 100 dollars and wait for the end of the investment period (from one week) when the total profit will be distributed between participants of the PAMM-account. The Manager's remuneration is known in advance and spelled out in the offer, and represents a percentage of the profits of the investor. The Manager receives compensation only in the case of a profitable investment period. All the profits and possible losses are apportioned between the controlconductive and investors according to their investment. The company FIBO Group ensures that all of the charges were made correctly and in a timely manner, and ensures that the Manager does not have access to the funds of the investor, so he cannot withdraw them. To select managers, an investor can use the rating of PAMM-accounts of FIBO Group, by sorting it according to profitability, maximum drawdown, age, or size of funds.

Trust management of FIBO Group

The company FIBO Group provides asset management services, in accordance with which an investor can invest in an experienced Manager, with appropriate education, qualification certificates CySEC and trading experience. When working with managers FIBO Group investors have the following advantages:

  • individual conditions of cooperation;
  • full control over your assets;
  • the opportunity to increase investments or withdraw profit.
  • the loss is limited to a predetermined percentage of the Deposit;
  • no need to monitor the market and to make transactions;
  • minimum investment – $ 50,000.

FIBO Group offers three strategies:

  1. Balanced. The target yield of 60% per year, risk level – medium level limit losses to 30% of the Deposit, the reward FIBO Group – 40% of profit;
  2. Aggressive. The target yield of 120% per year, risk level – high, level loss limitation is 50% of the Deposit, the reward FIBO Group – 50% of the profits;
  3. Individual. Target returns – 200% per annum, the level of risk and the level of restriction of losses – any remuneration FIBO Group – 30% of the profits.

Trade on the us stock market with FIBO Group

Broker FIBO Group beforeleaves access to the us stock market through the trading platform Umstel, and thanks to the community Trading Idea you also get the opportunity to use different trading strategies. Using Umstel Trading Platform, you get the following benefits:

  • there is nothing to download and install the web platform;
  • access to more than 8 000 trading instruments: stocks, bonds and ETFs;
  • requests are executed immediately on the exchange without the participation of intermediaries;
  • the Commission for the opening and closing of the position is 0.02$ per share but not less than 2$;
  • the opportunity to conduct a technical analysis using various tools;
  • all applications are displayed in the "glass" of the exchange;
  • the ability to trade using leverage, however, increases the risk of losses, while the account balance can be negative;
  • the shares accrue dividends;
  • you can create your own strategy or to access strategies community Trading Idea that can be both paid and free.

Innovative training traders from FIBO Group

The company FIBO Group offers a new approach to teaching Forex FIBOX is a comprehensive training package for beginners for $ 100. It includes:

  1. Training course (tutorial 22). In it you will learn all about the features of the Forex market, methods of analysis and management of their funds. Upon completion of training you will be able to test their knowledge on the basis of testing. Within two months after purchase the package, you can get the advice of a teacher;
  2. Trading Advisor. After passing the training course you can start trading with the robot. Along with that, you also get the installation instructions and setup for a profitable trade. If you follow all the recommendations on capital management, the Advisor will bring you a steady income;
  3. >Trading account in the amount of $ 100. On it you will be able to consolidate their theoretical knowledge;
  4. A certificate from the Academy FIBO Group.

Note that the set of teaching $ 100 is already part of a trading account by the same amount, and nothing to fill no need. If you are a beginner in Forex, we recommend you to purchase this training course, because you have nothing to lose, and so you in addition to your trading account to $ 100 will get a basic knowledge of the adviser and the opportunity for individual consultations with the teacher.

Why broker teach the traders trade in Forex?

This question is often asked by new traders. But the answer is very simple. If you do broker, exempting transactions on the interbank market and not "kitchen", which is trying to seize your Deposit, it is advantageous, when his clients earn from each transaction he receives a certain percentage. And the more such transactions, the more it will work. Therefore, the broker is interested in the fact that its customers are not poured their deposits, and zarabativali and become successful. FIBO Group is a broker and FIBO Group Academy provides various training courses in which traders acquire the basic knowledge and trading experience, communicate with teachers and professional traders together with them to develop trading strategies and get Analytics from the experts of the currency market.

Contests FIBO Group

Forex contests held by various brokers, hone your skills, test your strategy in practice and to participate in the drawing of money prizes. One of these contests FIBO Group is the annual contest "Trader's Triple Chase", the winner gets 25 000 in the PAMM-account, and second and third places receive 15 000 and 10 000 dollars. The competition runs throughout the year and is divided into three stages:

  1. The first stage takes place on a demo account. Ten traders, catwho for a week will show a high yield, and the maximum drawdown will not exceed 30%, will be the winners of the first stage and move on to the next stage;
  2. The second stage takes place in real accounts MT4 NDD. For participants open accounts with a Deposit of $ 100 and leverage 1:100. One who for a week can make a trading turnover of not less than 0.5 lot and show the best score will receive a PAMM-account in the amount of $ 1,000. The rest of the participants who have complied with the condition on the trade turnover, will be able to withdraw some or all funds. If the trade conditions are not met, the contest account will be closed;
  3. The third stage is held among the winners of the PAMM-accounts. The competition runs every week, so if you could not pass to the next stage, you can start again. According to the results of trading on the PAMM-accounts the participants are assigned scores that are converted into tokens for participation in a lottery draw at the end of the year, which will be determined three winners. At the end of the contest, all participants retain their PAMM account at any time and can withdraw this profit. For more details on the website of FIBO Group.


Thus, FIBO Group (FIBO Group) is a reliable and time-tested international brokerage company. Traders can choose before opening the account, who they work with – with the BVIFSC or CySEC. At FIBO Group there is a possibility of Forex trading on the American stock exchange. In addition, you can open PAMM account and become a Manager or investor, and to invest in trust. Novice traders can receive comprehensive training and participate in competitions. You can also read reviews FIBO Group in our ranking of brokers or share their experiences.

  • The year of Foundation 1998
  • Head office address Wipplingerstrasse 34 (office 37), 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. Deposit $0
  • Regulation CySEC, ICF, BVIFSC
  • Trading platform MT4,cTrader,MT5
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Альфа-клик, QIWI, NETELLER, Элекснет, Монета.Ру, DIXIPAY, OKPAY, Интернет-банк Промсвязьбанк, Евросеть, Связной, Contact
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Skrill, Webmoney, QIWI, NETELLER, Монета.Ру, Payoneer, DIXIPAY, OKPAY, Safecharge, RegularPay
  • Number of trading instruments 60
  • The number of CFD instruments 20
  • The number of metals 2
  • MT4 Cent
  • MT5 NDD
  • cTrader NDD
  • MT4 NDD
  • MT4 Floating
  • MT4 Fixed
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At first, starting to trade with FiboGroup, was surprised by the presence of 6 account types how to open is not clear. Had to chat with tech support, I got it. Turned out to be useful when there are accounts both for beginners and experienced traders. There is cent account for new traders, fixed spread account, ECN accounts, etc. is Also very good analyst, all laid out in free access, and you can easily see, and draw conclusions.
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I want to share my trading experience with this broker. Opened an account with FIBOGroup recently, a little haggling on the demo, like all the rules, threw $ 1,000. I have a long-term strategy, so there to withdraw funds have not yet been. But there were rumors that the broker does not pay. Decided to check, made a withdrawal of $ 500 on the card. Brought out during the day without any problems, put back. The company has no complaints, no failures, execution, immediate support is adequate, the money is withdrawn quickly. The only negative is the spam mail. Always send letters to me unnecessary promotions, bonuses, news. I already tried to unsubscribe but they still send. Really got) If the representatives FIBOGroup read my review, please understand this! Well, good broker, no complaints!
Positive feedback from Андрей Opinion translated automatically
I have FIBO for almost three months, during this time, did not notice the strong slippage, and orders are executed always accurate, even during news releases. The trading Advisor and part of his hands, the terminal works without a glitch. The conditions, however, are not the best, I would like the smaller spreads and leverage up more, and the minimum deposits they are rather big. But the performance is good and it is hoped that the broker really take the deal on the interbank market and will not drain me!
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On your experience at this broker can say that I love everything here: a snapshot of output, a huge selection of trading tools, fast execution and a real help to managers.
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Not so long ago trade with the broker, at first all arranged, but then trading platform started to fail, order began to open. Hope that will correct the situation, otherwise you'll have to look for another broker.