Useful to the trader

Useful articles for the trader

Forex Trend Strategy - trade on trend signals
What is trend trading? How to determine the direction of the trend? What are the trend indicators? What is the danger of trading against the trend? The best Forex trending strategy.
Fibonacci levels - how to use in trading?
What are Fibonacci levels? How to use Fibonacci levels in trading? How to determine with their help price reversals and the end of the correction? How to build and trade Forex Fibonacci levels?
Forex Elliott Wave Analysis
What is the Elliott Wave Theory? How to identify Elliott waves on a graph? How to conduct Elliott wave analysis on Forex? What is ABC correction, and what types of correction waves are there?
Development of Forex trading strategy - 7 main stages
What is a forex strategy? Why do I need a trading system for trading? Why is Forex trading impossible without a strategy? How to create your own Forex trading strategy?
Forex Technical Analysis Course for Beginner Traders
What is Forex Technical Analysis? How to conduct a technical market analysis? What are the indicators of technical analysis (Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, ATR, Stochastic Oscillator, RSI, CCI, Volume)?
What is Forex market liquidity?
What is Forex market liquidity? What is the effect of greater liquidity? Who are liquidity providers and how to choose a forex broker?
Types of Forex Charts
What is a forex chart? What are the types of Forex charts? What are the advantages and disadvantages of bars, linear and candlestick charts?
What is the Ask / Bid price and pending Forex orders?
What are Ask / Bid prices? What are forex market and pending orders? What are the types of pending orders? How are limit orders different from stop orders?