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The best currency pairs on Forex for beginners
What are currency pairs? What are the types of currency pairs on Forex? What is the difference between main currency pairs and cross currency pairs? How to choose currency pairs for beginners?
How to install an indicator or advisor in MT4 and MT5?
How to set the indicator in MT4 and MT5? How to install advisor in MT4 and MT5? You will find answers to these and other questions about working with indicators and advisers in this article.
Best Price Action Indicators for MT4 and MT5
Why do we need Price Action indicators? What are the indicators of Price Action patterns? Where can I download Price Action indicators for free? The answers to these questions you get in this article.
How to trade on the Price Action strategy - patterns and trading techniques
What is Price Action? What are the Price Action patterns? How to start earning on Forex with the help of the Price Action trading system? Free Price Action Training.
What is Forex Fundamental Analysis?
What is technical and fundamental analysis? What is the difference between Forex fundamental analysis and technical analysis? What are the methods of fundamental analysis and economic indicators? Where to watch economic news?
What are CFD Forex contracts?
What are CFDs or CFDs? What are the types of CFD (for stocks, goods, raw materials, cryptocurrency) and CFD brokers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of contracts for difference?
What is cryptocurrency in simple words
What is a cryptocurrency and how does it differ from fiat and digital money? What is blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining? What are the ways to make cryptocurrency?
Best Forex Indicators for MT4
What are Forex indicators? What are the forex technical indicators (trend indicators, momentum indicators, volatility indicators)? How to trade using the indicators MACD, Moving Average and Bollinger Bands?