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Useful articles for the trader

Best Forex Broker for Beginner Traders
How to choose a broker for novice traders? How to avoid the tricks of scam brokers? Criteria for choosing a reliable Forex broker.
The best cryptocurrencies of 2020
What are altcoins? Which cryptocurrency is better? Criteria for selecting altcoins for trading. TOP of the best cryptocurrencies of 2020 worth less than $ 1.
Forex training for beginners - acquaintance with the trading terminal
Learning to trade from scratch - how to trade Forex in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, what types of Forex charts are, what are Bid and Ask prices, how to set up a chart and create templates.
How to trade stocks during coronavirus?
How to trade stocks during the fall of the stock market? What to buy stocks in the crisis of 2020? What is the best stock trading strategy? Where to trade stocks?
What awaits Bitcoin in 2020 - coronavirus and halving
How to make money on coronavirus? What is the effect of coronavirus on bitcoin? When will bitcoin be halving and what to expect from it? Is it worth buying bitcoin now? What are the forecasts for bitcoin in 2020?
Flat trading strategy with Range Bars indicator - trade at price, not time
What is Range Trading? How to trade in a range? What is Range Bars? How to trade on a Forex flat trading strategy using the Range Bars indicator?
Best Forex Strategy “Fan Gann”
What is a Gann fan? What is the secret of William Gann's success? How to use the Gann fan? How to build a gann fan? How to trade on the Gann strategy?
What is a Forex drawdown, and how to manage it?
What is forex drawdown? What are the types of drawdown accounts? How is the calculation of the drawdown of the deposit? What should be the maximum drawdown? How to recover account after drawdown?