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NAUFOR (national Association of stock market participants) is a Russian self-regulatory organization, with its almost 500 brokers and joint-stock companies which are licensed and are professional participants of the stock market. The main purpose of NAUFOR is the creation of favorable atmosphere for investments in the financial markets of the Russian Federation, and also creation of conditions for the recovery of the Russian economy and ensuring its stability. For this NAUFOR engaged in the development and implementation of regulations and rules on financial markets, monitors their execution, prevents the unfair trade, advises the members, conducts training and seminars, deals with certification of employees of brokerage companies, and also carries out regular inspections of its members and makes them requirements for elimination of violations. In addition, NAUFOR is part of IOSCO international organization dealing with the regulation of the securities market, which gives the opportunity NAUFOR to develop international cooperation in the sphere of regulation of financial markets.

The history of the NAUFOR leads from 21 June 1996, after Russia adopted the law "On securities market", which first coined the term "self-regulatory organization". Prior to that, NAUFOR was called payfor – Professional Association of stock market participants. It was established may 15, 1994, was composed of 15 companies that agreed to adhere to mutual agreements during trade on the stock market of the Russian Federation. Since 1997, NAUFOR was the first in Russia samoreguliruemaya organization of all brokers, dealers, depositaries, Trustees, clearing organizations, joint stock companies which are professional participants of the stock market of the Russian Federation. 2013 NAUFOR has received permission from the FSFM of Russia on realization of activity as the SRO. To date, the branches NAUFOR is 12 biggest.Dah Russia.