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JForex is a unique trading platform that is suitable for both manual and automated trading and for those traders who develop and test your own strategies written in JAVA language. Despite the fact that JForex less popular trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5 many traders leave this platform good reviews.

The advantages of the JForex trading platform

  • The opportunity of the launch of the JForex platform on different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.);
  • Development of automatic trading systems based on JAVA;
  • Automated strategy visualization on real tick data.
  • Support for more than 180 indicators;
  • The ability to create different trading system depending on the behavior of certain currency pairs;
  • Access to full market depth and increased liquidity due to the large number of liquidity providers;
  • The ability to place on the market their BIDы bids and offers directly, becoming a liquidity provider that enables you to save on spreads.

The characteristics of the Visual JForex designer strategies

Visual JForex allows you to automate manual strategy with a special programming unit with built-in command blocks that you drag and drop in the workspace window, creating a logical chain of commands in the order that your strategy requires. Visual JForex has the following technical features:

  1. An intuitive graphical interface that allows you to create an automated trading system for 30 minutes;
  2. Using command blocks, you can quickly and easily develop their own strategies, without resorting to the services of professional programmers;
  3. You can generate the strategy code from visual trading system using JForex API.
  4. Test and debug strategy or its components in any of thisne development of a trading system;
  5. The ability to view what is happening in the algorithm strategy without stop;
  6. Convert strategies to components to create more complex trading systems;
  7. Access to ready-automated systems in Visual JForex as examples for creating your own strategies.

Disadvantages of the JForex trading platform

  • JForex platform is not as popular as MT4 or MT5, so until few brokers drew attention to it, except the Forex brokers listed on this page.
  • JForex only supports the strategy, written in JAVA, which is not very convenient, since most traders are known to work with the programming environment MQL.

Insights about JForex platform

Despite the apparent complexity, trading platform fast enough, you can master thanks to the available information and tutorials on the Internet. With this you get a variety of functions and a set of technical tools for creating complex automated systems that you can test on real tick data and to select individual settings for different currency pairs.