Regulatory organization of FINMA

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FINMA (Swiss Financial Markets Authority) is a Swiss service for supervision over financial markets, founded in 2007. Regulator FINMA is one of the most trusted regulators in the financial services, and has an excellent reputation and the high trust among traders and investors. The state regulatory body FINMA includes more than 350 employees, including economists, lawyers, and professionals in accounting, investment and audit. The main mission of FINMA is to maintain the stable operation of the banking sector of Switzerland and to increase investor confidence in the Swiss financial markets.

The functions of the regulator FINMA

  • Development of legislative base in the field of Finance;
  • The performance of the functions of the regulatory body of the banking system of Switzerland;
  • Regulation of activities of commercial banks, insurance companies, investment and mutual funds, and brokerage companies;
  • Licensing and certification of financial market participants;
  • Protection of the rights of investors, lenders and other participants in the financial markets.

The powers of the governing authority FINMA

Swiss regulator FINMA has the wide powers in regulating financial markets, in particular he:

  • performs audit of Swiss banks, regularly examine the financial and tax reporting;
  • may require banks and brokers to provide appropriate documentation;
  • imposes severe sanctions against violators of the law up to major fines and the revocation of the license;
  • lead the fight against the illegal actions of financial market participants (money laundering, corruption, financing of terrorism and organized crime);
  • actively participates in conflict resolution;
  • carries out procedures for restructuring or bankruptcy of companies.


So onby the way, the presence of a Forex broker license, FINMA can serve as high assurance that in front of you a reliable brokerage company that you can trust your money. Due to its high reputation FINMA is on par with such reliable regulators as FCA and NFA.