Brokers with the terminal xStation


Trading platform xStation is a new look at what should be a modern trading and investing in Forex. Developer xStation is Europe's largest liquidity provider X OPEN HUB (XTB), which is licensed as the most reliable regulator in the world – the FCA (UK). The company XTB in developing a trading xStation terminal took into account the interests of the traders from different parts of the world. The result is pretty interesting trading platform which in the future must compete with such popular terminals like MT4 and MT5. The fact that it can work in any browser, including mobile phones, without brakes and hang-UPS, must be of interest to many traders. With the exception of the smooth operation of the trading terminal xStation can be only a slow Internet connection or an outdated browser. In this case, a fixed trading platform xStation, which can be downloaded on the official website and then install it on your computer.

The terminal xStation is absolutely free, and also has the opportunity to trade on a demo account. To enter the terminal, you must enter the account number and password. The first thing that catches the eye is the design of the terminal. It has an attractive appearance and well matched colors. The functionality of the terminal xStation a little bit similar to MT4, but there are some differences. For example, the ability to group assets by class in the window "market watch". Also note the convenient location of technical tools in the menu. In addition, when you hover your mouse on the asset in the "market watch" window appears, red and blue color for sale and purchase. If you want to create a pending order, click twice with the mouse on the asset in the result window will appear where you can choose the order type. XStation developers have provided a function, such as the closure of all positions at the same time, and only closing profitable or unprofitable positions only. Also have funKtsia overlaying multiple currency pairs with the same index on the same chart. This can be useful in some strategies.

For those who are not strong in self-trading, can try their hand at investing. For this XTB has created an investment platform xSocial built into the trading platform xStation. With xSocial traders can copy trades of other players. Interestingly, the developers have added a feature known as a rear-up, there is a possibility of opening deals in the opposite direction if the trader's strategy unprofitable. Thus, xSocial allows you to profit from everything, even from a loss strategies. To avoid losing your Deposit, you can set the maximum possible loss when copying, which will close all orders. Also when copying transactions you can set the maximum volume of open positions, so as not to overload your Deposit. In addition, the trading platform xStation available automated trading using expert advisors, but for trading robots written in MQL for MT4, not suitable for the xStation. XTB offers to buy advisors for xStation store xStore, but there are free trading experts and indicators.