Regulatory organization BVIFSC

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BVIFSC (British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission) is the financial services Commission of the British virgin Islands. The regulator was established in 2001 and is under the control of the state. British virgin Islands is the offshore zone, therefore, the main mission of the FSC is the BVI anti-money laundering. Under the supervision of the regulator, there are banks, credit organizations, insurance and investment companies, brokers and dealing centers, mortgage and pension funds, and other commercial organizations.

Goals and objectives BVIFSC

The main tasks of BVIFSC include:

  • the creation of a transparent and competitive market for financial services in the British virgin Islands;
  • maintaining a high reputation of honest and reliable regulator;
  • creation of conditions for attraction of investments and improvement of the offshore zone;
  • the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism;
  • licensing of Finance companies and exercise oversight over their activities;
  • development of standards for effective regulation of the financial sector;
  • conduct regular inspections of financial companies and to participate in settlement of disputable situations;
  • to protect the interests of investors and customers of financial companies;
  • informing customers about who the brokers has a license BVIFSC by posting ads on the site controller with a list of brokers licensed;
  • the blacklisting of fraudsters who on its website published information that they are participants in the regulator BVIFSC, although in reality it is not;
  • the imposition of disciplinary sanctions and fines on financial companies do not perform their obligations and the requirements of the regulator;
  • conduct internal investigations and cooperation with law enforcement.

Despite all the goals and objectives that aims BVIFSC, you should understand that before you regular offshore regulator and obtain its license does not require special efforts. Moreover, in practice, BVIFSC, there were no instances of revocation of licenses of brokerage companies or imposing some strict disciplinary measures, so we cannot guarantee that clients ' claims will be heard and the broker will be punished. But even if that happens, he will be fined, but the client will not reimburse a penny from the received damages. In addition, the regulator BVIFSC no compensation Fund, so in case of bankruptcy of the company, the client also will not receive compensation.

Thus, the BVIFSC is the average Adjuster, which seeks to create conditions for safe investment and has a special legal status of the participant of the British United Kingdom, but do not have the appropriate authority. So if possible, it is better to choose the broker other jurisdictions or to draw attention to another brokerage company as the Bank BVIFSC cannot guarantee that customers of financial companies reimbursement of non-market risks.