Forex broker
Min. Deposit
Trading platform MT4, MT5, WebTrader, cTrader
Regulation IFSC
Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, NETELLER, Payoneer
Daily analyst
Low initial deposit
Copy trades
Bonus for replenishment
Interest on the balance of
Segregated accounts
Return spread
No deposit bonus
Affiliate program
Wide selection of trading instruments
Minimum spread+120
No Deposit bonuses+69
Instant execution of orders+29
Convenient web-terminal+25
Cent account+21
Depositing without Commission+19
Automatic withdrawal+18
No minimum Deposit+16
Scalping is allowed and trading advisers+15
You can trade stocks on the stock market+11
Free VPS server+10
Round the clock technical support+10
trade in crypto currency+4
One thousand+4
Attractive environment for trading cryptocurrencies.+4
Add advantage
Mandatory verification of documents+80
the terms of trade should be visible to any registration, the most clear... the interface leaves much to be desired+6
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Broker RoboForex is a group of companies RoboTrade Ltd and RoboForex (CY) Ltd, are engaged in the provision of the following services:

  • trade on Forex;
  • providing analytical information to traders;
  • service auto copy trades CopyFX;
  • investment in the RAMM account;
  • the program "Rebates" to return to the spread;
  • WebTrader mobile trading;
  • learning the trade;
  • package improved trading conditions for VIP clients;
  • best affiliate programs;
  • personal consultations;
  • round the clock technical support.

The business model of RoboForex

There are two generally accepted models of work brokerage firms:

  • Straight-through-processing (STP), according to which the broker is an intermediary between the trader and the liquidity provider and receives a certain Commission for the successful brokerage. The broker does not bear losses in case of a successful trade traders, as losses are allocated between liquidity providers, but thanks to the security protocols ensured anonymity of traders, therefore, there can be conflicts between the traders, broker and liquidity providers. On the contrary, the broker is interested in the profitability of the trader, because the increasing of the yield curve and increase the lots, along with the increase of the Commission goes to the broker;

  • Market maker (Market maker), according to this model a trader enters into transactions through its broker without the interbank market, in which broker acts as the counterparty in the case of a successful transaction, the trader he loses his profit and Vice versa. It is not profitable to the broker, so he tries a variety of ways, including non-market to make the trader a profitable. FRYes there are requotes that the trader entered into a transaction at a less attractive price, studs, knocks stop-loss players, various failures of the trading terminal, cancellation of profitable trades, delays in the payment of profits. Many novice traders don't know about it, so, faced with such unfair dealing centers, disappointed in Forex.

The RoboForex group of companies does not use in their practice the model of a Market maker. RoboForex (CY) Ltd operates the STP model, providing access to liquidity providers. And RoboTrade Ltd uses a hybrid model: for cent accounts broker acts as a dealer and handle the transaction inside the company, and for standard and ECN accounts, the STP technology is used. This is a special feature of the liquidity providers, because they do not work with small volumes. Liquidity providers of the broker RoboForex are the TOP FX, Citi FX, CMSFX UK Ltd, SAXO Bank and Sucden Financial. They provide access to liquidity through the current ECN system, Integral, Currenex and Citi, which serves as a direct confirmation of the fact that RoboForex is a reliable and transparent broker, not the kitchen.

Regulation Of RoboForex

The company RoboTrade Ltd is an international broker that is regulated by IFSC (license IFSC/60/271/TS/15). In addition, RoboTrade Ltd is member of the Financial Commission, an organization engaged in the resolution of the disputed financial issues between brokers and traders. RoboForex (CY) Ltd is a European broker that is regulated by the Cypriot regulator CySEC (license No. 191/13) and is registered in the UK FCA number 608962. Also RoboForex (CY) Ltd is part of ICF – Cyprus the investor compensation Fund providing insurance investment investors up to 20,000 Euro. In addition, RoboForex in Ukraine is regulated by the UCRFIN.

Offices of RoboForex

Broker RoboForex has the following law offices pabout the world:

  • RoboForex (CY) Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus – the Central office;

  • RoboTrade Ltd, Belmopan, Belize;

  • RoboForex LP, Auckland, New Zealand;

  • RoboForex (CY) Ltd, Dalian, China.

Types of accounts

In RoboForex there are four types of accounts:

  • Cent account is for testing EAS and strategies;

  • Standard account – for classical trading on Forex;

  • ECN accounts – scalping trading and professional trading;

  • Affiliate-account – trading account with a larger spread for the broker partners and their clients.

For convenience each type you can select the account with floating or fixed spread. For example, some advisors only work effectively in the accounts with a fixed spread. To evaluate the performance of a particular account, you can activate the demo account: Demo Pro Demo Fix Demo ECN NDD FixSpread, Demo ECN-Pro NDD.

The customer service CopyFX

Broker V provides the opportunity for those who have no time or experience in Forex trading, but he would like to earn money on the financial markets. Using CopyFX service, you can copy the trades of traders with all your funds remain in the account and traders receive a Commission or percentage of the successfully copied to the transaction. There are two options of investment:

  1. "Trader on Commission". In this case, the investor pays a fee for copied (profitable) transaction;

  2. "Trader on profit". Under this option the investor pays a fixed percentage of the profit gained for the investment period copy trades.

Investing in RAMM-account

RoboForex offers a brand new product that combined the best of automatic investment in the PAMM-SchETA and copy transactions is RAMM-account. They use a unique system of automatic calculation of the lot to open the trade and integrated risk management. Thanks to them, the investor may set an acceptable risk, which if exceeded trading will be stopped.

It is also worth noting that the company Roboforeks regular promotions and bonuses when you top up provides free VPS for customers with a Deposit of $ 300, and monitors the improvement of trade conditions.

  • The year of Foundation 2009
  • Head office address 4 Modestou Panteli, office 005, Mesa Geitonia, PC 4003, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Maximum leverage 1:1000
  • Min. Deposit $0
  • Regulation IFSC
  • Trading platform MT4,MT5,WebTrader,cTrader
  • Payment system to enter Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Альфа-клик, QIWI, Оплата наличными, NETELLER, CashU, Монета.Ру, Payoneer, Интернет-банк Промсвязьбанк, Сбербанк ОнЛ@йн, Интернет-банк Русский Стандарт, ePayments, BitCoin, Почта России, Евросеть, Mobile phone
  • Payment system for withdrawal Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards , Skrill, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, NETELLER, Payoneer
  • Number of trading instruments 34
  • The number of CFD instruments 7
  • The number of metals 6
  • ECN-FixSpread NDD
  • ECN-Pro NDD
  • Pro-Standard
  • Fix-Standard
  • Pro-Cent
  • Fix-Cent
Show: All Neutral Positive Negative
Negative feedback from Daniel Davidets
Not pleased at all when it comes to closing positions! be it manually or via a stop loss. I was practicing with a demo account. After making $42 or so closed my position. When I checked my balance it was about $31 instead of $42! At first I thought I was wrong so I was scalping just to see what was going on. I discovered that it’s them! It’s like they are robbing their clients. Order execution is slow or they do it deliberately. I’ve added this broker to my scam list. Hope this helps anyone reading this!
Positive feedback from Artur Opinion translated automatically
I love this broker, no complaints, have been working for more than 5 years together. Today ordered the payment and after 12 seconds the money came from, how it's possible:(
Positive feedback from Леонид Opinion translated automatically
Work with Roboforeks the second month (the account number 20035971 to not consider unfounded), all happy, great no, good broker, have read recently a lot of bad reviews on the otzoviki, e.g. a divorce, I can say that there are a lot of nuances that every client should consider for their trading, I read a lot of reviews and not understanding thought me deceived, especially when it has a loss and do not understand why it happened, but now, having traded in positive territory, the conclusion is the same as the input passes without problems.
Positive feedback from DMC Opinion translated automatically
I spreads in the crypt, too, never liked, then like, compared with others, and his mind normal conditions. Although the market is sluggish, classical pair and oil love.
Positive feedback from Олег Opinion translated automatically
RoboForex have excellent conditions for trading cryptocurrencies. It is possible to open an account in chops and Fiat money. More to the advantages include the increase of credit leverage up to 1:50, but in recent time, the market is not as volatile. Of the minuses - high spreads in the crypt, it would be smaller. And so all good!
Positive feedback from Павел Opinion translated automatically
For more than a year yuzayu CopyFX service from Robo. I believe that this is the best service for copying trades. There are excellent traders, a transparent system of payments and the opportunity to talk with the Manager. At any time you can go from one to the other trader, without long waits. Advantage is also fast withdrawal of profits with no commissions. Recommend!
Positive feedback from Егор Opinion translated automatically
Great company, working with them for over 5 years. Quickly withdraw the money only once the money is withdrawn more than a day to the Bank account and to e-wallets take a few minutes. There are many trading platforms to choose from, including mobile devices. Trading conditions suit me completely. The main thing to understand the trade and have your strategy.
Positive feedback from Николай Opinion translated automatically
RoboForex is the ideal broker for scalping, real fast execution, low spreads, no slippage as often as the other broker, minimum Deposit, fast withdrawal.
Positive feedback from Сергей Opinion translated automatically
This spring opened an account with RoboForex, once passed the verification on the advice of the technician that when the withdrawal has been delayed, made a Deposit and received welcome bonus. Began to trade independently and in parallel launched the service copy trades. For 4 months of $ 500 earned$ 350, bonus also worked, part of the profits brought without any problems. Yet like everything, execution, low spreads, lots of trading instruments.
Positive feedback from Эдуард Opinion translated automatically
Chose the V because they have the sane PAMM account service. Very easy to use the rating of PAMM-accounts, set your filters to search, to choose governors. It is seen that the control traders interested in the fact that the number of investors grew, and they really try to work efficiently.
Positive feedback from Евгений Opinion translated automatically
I'm on RoboForex because scalping minimum Deposit registration takes a little time, if it is possible to trade EA, plus there is the opportunity to trade on MT4, MT5 and no problems, I like it.
Positive feedback from Вячеслав Opinion translated automatically
Honest broker, the trading conditions are good and improving all the time, all happy. No wonder it is the leader among the brokers. It's nice when a company runs smoothly, at a high level with low commissions.
Positive feedback from Никита Opinion translated automatically
Best broker for scalping. The connection is stable, low spreads. Freezes and slippages not the one I had once. No limits on transactions. If you suddenly have a problem, it is always support them through all the difficulties perfectly solved. I'm happy with.
Positive feedback from Семен Opinion translated automatically
Good trader - broker do not interfere. Who does not know how to sell - learn. I quite like RoboForex. But for school they have everything that is necessary - and webinars, and lessons, and on-site tech support, just don't be lazy. I am with them for a few years now. And affiliate program, and harlotry. And without money do not sit.
Positive feedback from Игорь Opinion translated automatically
Trading on MT5 with a leverage of 1:1000. Once all the buns are a Pro, a cent account is not even worked, just started trading. The support group is adequate, all explained. Withdrawals level, there are a lot of systems output. There was no delay.
Positive feedback from Дмитрий Opinion translated automatically
RoboForex is a very responsible attitude to their customers. The registration will ask a photo with your passport, if not its credit card authorization from the owner. With other people's personal data to work will not work. So, scammers will keep track of at times. But, with the right paperwork, my profit for me to QIWI 4 minutes comes. Recheck-that is not required. Other methods of the conclusion of the mass. This is a serious company and work with it normally for a long time.
Positive feedback from Вячеслав Opinion translated automatically
Forex trading for almost 10 years. Of them with RoboForex for the fourth year. No serious difficulties, left of closing and opening transactions never happened. Of course, sometimes the spread on the news and delays in the execution of orders, like all brokers. But I do not trade during news, and I does not prevent. And problems didn't happen. A maximum of two days and often on the day the application is removed. In all that time never had to contact customer service.
Positive feedback from Роман Opinion translated automatically
Trading with this broker recently, can point to excellent trading conditions. The great advantage is the ability to copy transactions, after registration in CopyFX choose traders, by the way, is the rating to look, and all of his trades, the program copies. It is convenient and easy.
Positive feedback from Роман Opinion translated automatically
If you pipette, then here is just fine. It is possible and on the Nickel, no restrictions, but really ECN spreads less. Well, except that the extension on closing day and the news, but that's okay. The output of the connected machine, had no problems.
Positive feedback from Иван Opinion translated automatically
A proven company with lots of experience, they can confidently hold on the market. Second year working with them, all right. Tested many services, including copy trading. Here is where to gain experience. Dealing now with a stable profit, and money bring easy benefit options for the output they have a lot.
Positive feedback from Борис Opinion translated automatically
I like the large number of various bonuses and life hacks. V provides a very high leverage and a minimum Deposit is not installed. Yes, and welcome bonus give. That is actually start trading with minimum of money.
Positive feedback from Станислав Opinion translated automatically
In the V very carefully work with beginners. Bought a call and the Manager in detail and lucidly explains everything. Very helpful webinars broker picked the most suitable service for me and it is now trading with a profit. Another very useful service copy trades using CopyFX. For me, as a beginner, it is great.
Positive feedback from Леонид Opinion translated automatically
Interested in company when I heard about the launch of the platform R-Trader, which enables you to create your own trading robot. Since working with them, and unpleasant incidents was not. In addition, it is passive income for the client program and negative balance protection.
Positive feedback from Виктор Opinion translated automatically
Work with RoboForex for a long time. I use MT5 as the most suitable. Orders are executed fast, so I even if the news outlet was never. An additional advantage – leverage until 1:1000, have to earn what. Working with them is a pleasure, no complaints.
Positive feedback from Влад Opinion translated automatically
A good and trustworthy broker, and chose it because of the high rating. Opened the score through this site, received on account of the welcome bonus and good money on the deals. This is in addition to still a considerable number of different shares. Participate in an affiliate program is another way to make money, completely risk free.
Positive feedback from Алексей Opinion translated automatically
With robot trade for a long time and trust him completely. I consider it one of the most reliable brokers. I am satisfied with everything - narrow spread, fast execution and withdrawal within two hours. Yet I note a huge selection of payment systems to Deposit and withdraw your profit.
Positive feedback from Ильдар Opinion translated automatically
Long time to choose a broker for my strategy, I trade on the news. Tried to trade in several brokers, in the end we opted for Roboforeks. Note of the advantages of fast execution, no slippage during news (for me, it was a very important criteria), the opportunity to trade with zero spread and fixed by the Commission, leverage up to 1000 and a quick withdrawal.
Positive feedback from Виталя Opinion translated automatically
In RoboForex the best conditions for the affiliate program, and to attract customers is a pleasure, as it is one of the most recognized brokers. Now he traded in I + attract customers, earnings not bad!
Positive feedback from Евгений Opinion translated automatically
RoboForex is impressive with its variety of different services that facilitate trade. I, for example, can't trade on their own, lack the experience and self-discipline, and customer service helps to obtain passive income. Plus the Robo profitable affiliate program because this broker is very famous among the traders and to attract customers is not difficult.
Positive feedback from Олег Opinion translated automatically
Working with this broker for several years, but recently there was doubt at the expense of correct choice of a broker. The reason for this was the laws related to the regulation of brokers in Russia. I was embarrassed by the fact that V is not even trying to get a license of Bank of Russia. But after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to continue trading at this broker as it in spite of that has a multi-language support, regularly pays out all earnings, provides quality trading conditions and constantly works on improving its services.